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Editor, lawyer
Chief editor of LLC.services, associate in Axon Partners.
Founder, PR-manager
CEO of LLC.services Project, entrepreneur
Human Resources Analyst
Helps LLC.services with anything related to Human Resources.

Me, Phillip, the founder, and I find it relevant to tell you our story.

Life never seemed easy to me. Already in my childhood, I learned that you have to try hard to make things happen and make people understand you. And I had a good reason for that – my tongue wouldn’t listen to me for some reason, meaning that I could barely speak at times and, thus, was not able to express myself right.

However, there’s always a flip side to the coin. The speaking problem helped me listen closely and absorb information better. Thankfully, I also have a good memory and like to analyze things. That’s when I thought that was my calling and I just have to use it wisely.

You can call me an LLC sailfish (the fastest fish in the ocean). I simply like to help others learn something new (because I can) and grow their confidence. I started my first business website back in 2013. It was about fishing and everything related to it. Of course, it didn’t look as professional as I wanted it to look, but I had some great product reviews there and a lot of fishermen (and their wives) liked it. It all seems so hard when you start on your own, but in the end, all those appreciation and “thank you” emails helped me understand I shouldn’t regret anything.

Many years have gone by since then, and my interests have also expanded. I believe I have educated and enlightened thousands of entrepreneurs around the world on website development, online security, email marketing, and, of course, business formation. I met Dmitriy, a very talented lawyer, and invited him to be my next project partner.

Now In 2022, I think the time has come for my biggest project. For that, I have combined my experience, memory/analyzing skills, and passion for educating together. This will help me reach the main goal that you already know. I am here to enable young entrepreneurs to launch their first LLC business as smoothly as possible.

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