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A registration agent (also called an "agent for service of process," a "statutory agent" or "resident agent") is a local company, individual or legal entity that provides company registration and administration services. Further, they will receive all the necessary legal documents on behalf of your venture, as well as keep them in order and timely notify you about all crucial events, e.g. lawsuits, annual reports, taxation events, or any other issues related to your employees (e.g. garnishment notifications).

Nevada best registered agent

All official mail from state and fiscal authorities will be sent to the registration agent's address. In addition, the latter may also help you with the remote opening of your company in the USA. So, if you want to start an LLC in Nevada, one of the best states for opening an entity in the US remotely, the top enterprises with such representatives will open a company for you.

In this review, we are going to take a quick look at some of the best providers in Nevada and find out how they can help your entity.

Why Hire a Registered Agent in Nevada?

Nevada provides a comfortable environment for doing business, both on the US and international scale, in particular: low taxation, high level of confidentiality, easy registration, and so on.

Moreover, the state will have no problems with you using an independent resident agent service. Consequently, if you want to form an LLC, you can easily find the right company that can act as your Nevada registered agent for service of process. You don't even have to go far - we have the best firms here, in this review. You will only have to make your final decision, i.e. decide which of them better suits your goals.

According to the Nevada Secretary of State, "commercial Registered Agents must provide their full legal name as filed with the Secretary of State and disclose all DBAs, fictitious firm names and websites or domains by which the commercial registered agent will do business in Nevada." Thus, when it comes to RA filing, Nevada Statutes (NRS 77.310 – 77.320) state that you will have to provide the name and address of your chosen commercial or noncommercial agent, or the same information on the location (office) of an individual holding a title (or different position) within the entity.

Nevada law requires LLCs to have an agent upon incorporation and throughout the life of the company. The specialist is responsible for obtaining important legal and tax documents. The name and address of your representative are set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, and relevant information will be made available to the public.

Best Registered Agent Service in Nevada

The incorporator is required by law to address a statutory agent to form a corporation in Nevada and accept service of process from them.

The appointment is made in accordance with the Nevada Articles of Organization. The cost of hiring an average agent service usually ranges from $50/year to $300/year.

Why should you seek help from experts? Here are a few valid reasons for doing so:

  • Additional privacy. They provide Nevada business addresses in the founding documents to hide the founder's personal information from public access. It will keep your personal address from public exposure, as well as a huge amount of incessant junk mail for years to come;
  • Full compliance monitoring. The professional keeps track of your compliance deadlines and keeps you informed. There are many requirements a corporation must meet in order to maintain its reputation;
  • Filing expertise. It's not easy to register a corporation in Nevada. There are quite a few processes and fees, and the information is usually not entirely clear as to exactly what needs to be done and in what order. Local filing experts can help you with every step of the registration process.

That said, the best Nevada companies specializing only in such services, have a lot of experience and knowledge to set up your enterprise. They will surely help you with your Nevada registered agent search.

Zenbusiness2-3 weeksIncluded$70Yes
Legalzoom30 days$299$159$99
IncfileNext dayIncluded$70$40
Swyft Filings7 days$149$70$35
Northwest1-3 weeksIncluded$50$50

Registered Agent in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada is located in the western United States. Although Carson City is its capital, Las Vegas is the largest and most important city, with a population of 675,000.

Just like in any other major city in Nevada, Las Vegas offers some of the superior services. Professional Las Vegas registered agent services will maintain a street address in Nevada and be available during normal working hours to help you with all the necessary business documentation. They will respond to notes from the state, received by mail or delivered personally, and take care of all important official documents (including license renewals, court summons, tax notices, etc.) on behalf of your venture.

Once received, they will timely forward all the necessary documents to you, as the owner of the company. Consequently, you will be properly informed at all times.

Additionally, the best agents in Las Vegas will also offer extra services like registration document preparation and filing, document storage, annual report reminders, and so on.

Registered Agent in Henderson, Nevada

Some registrars rarely work with their clients directly. Therefore, one of your main tasks may be to find a reliable and time-tested intermediary who cooperates with the best registrars.

Such intermediaries are exactly who you can find in Henderson, Nevada. You can turn to them as an alternative if you want to switch resident agents, and they will match you with the best registrars who render a wide range of such services and have qualified employees. Why is this important?

First, you'll get all the services in one place, without having different people registering your company, providing accounting services, and conducting audits. This will save time and money, and, most importantly, eliminate the possibility of mistakes. After all, the more persons in the chain, the greater the risk that someone will do something wrong.

It's not uncommon when due to a misunderstanding and negligence of this or that registrar, documentation from the state authorities has remained unanswered, resulting in financial losses for the company. Henderson intermediaries care for their clients and deliver exceptional services while helping find an agent in Nevada.

However, if you do not want to look for intermediaries, the companies on the list above can introduce you to their resident agents not only in Henderson but also in Las Vegas or Reno, no matter what kind of business entity you want to open in Nevada. That way, you may get answers to all your questions directly, stay in touch with the Nevada Secretary of State, and save your time with the record-keeping.

Registered Agent Northwest Review

One of the best choices on the list is Northwest Registered Agent. The reason is that these guys offer the widest range of services and charge fairly for the quality provided. Additionally, their client support is truly impressive and personalized. When you talk to NRA, you know you're dealing with professionals.

You can expect transparent pricing, a smooth experience, top-notch privacy, and straightforward cooperation. Moreover, you will also have your personal online account to easily access all the necessary documents, electronic mail, and reports. Therefore, you can keep track of what's going on with your business no matter where you are at.

The agency allows Nevada firms to hire a statutory agent in certain U.S. states to provide legal services. Each state has different legal requirements, and NRA saves time by hiring specialized agents. Northwest Registered Agent provides typical services and legal recommendations, as well as helps in setting up a firm.

Northwest Pros

  • Wide Service Range (+ additional unique offers and beneficial formation packages);
  • Discount for Nevada Registered Agent (for several states or on prepayment for two or more years);
  • Outstanding Customer Support (professional corporate guides);
  • Free Mail Forwarding;
  • Fast Document Processing (same-day local document scanning);
  • High Level of Privacy Protection;
  • Rich Experience in the Industry (more than 20 years).

Northwest Cons

  • High pricing (the cheapest package is $125/year).

Northwest Registered Agent: Overall Experience

Northwest Registered Agency is an amazing agency to cooperate with if you want to open your Nevada company. Plus, the agency has its office in Reno, helping small businesses grow and timely informing them about important events. All in all, the agency is able to provide an exceptional experience for you.

Registered Agent ZenBusiness Review

As you already know, no matter what type of entity you plan to start, you will be required to hire an RA in this state. And if you are already experiencing too much stress, ZenBusiness will help you deal with it through its friendly and attentive customer support and easy-to-use website. The latter utilizes advanced software that provides convenient access to annual reports. Therefore, you will have no problems with tracking the process.

ZB is a smaller company, compared to Northwest. However, it's a profitable option to choose if you haven't yet formed your business in Nevada. It seems like this company really cares about its clients with utmost attention, at least that's what ZenBusiness's clients say - almost all of them appreciate the individualized approach during the cooperation.
During the first year of cooperation, the agency will offer its RA service in each of the online creation packages for just $49 (+state fees). Registered agent and compliance services start at $99.

Zen Business Pros

  • More Affordable Pricing (compared to Northwest);
  • Worry-Free Compliance;
  • Cheap Business Formation Services;
  • Registered Agent Service in Every Package;
  • Hundreds of Positive Client Reviews;
  • Ongoing Document Access;
  • User-Friendly Website Dashboard for Document Access;
  • 100% Accurate Results Assurance.

Zen Business Cons

  • A relatively new company.

Zen Business: Overall Experience

Zen Business is a great choice if you are looking for excellent customer support and an easy-to-use portal to follow and track your annual reports. You will know it's true once you check the incredible customer feedback about the agency on reputable review sites.

Additionally, this agency offers some of the lowest RA rates of $99/year, after the first year of usage ($49 + Nevada fees).

Registered Agent Incfile Review

Incfile is located in Houston, Texas, and offers high-quality services to businesses since 2004. Incfile's rates start from $119/year, which is quite affordable for most ventures. This service is one of the most popular with enterprises located in Nevada.

If you want to open an LLC, you can expect a free resident agent for the first year. Incfile will handle all the necessary legal documents, scan them and send them to your personal online account, as well as mail them to you.

Positive customer feedback is also quite impressive, with a 4.8 out of 5 satisfaction score and more than 14,000 reviews on review sites. Thus, you can be confident that you will not have to pay anything else except for the initial state filing fees ($75/$150) for the first year.

Incfile Pros 

  • Free Business Formation Offers (+ state fees);
  • Registered Agent Included with Basic Formation Packages;
  • Incredible Reputation with Customers (thousands of positive client reviews);
  • Wide Range of Extra Premium Services (banking offers, contract templates, corporate seals, etc.);
  • Competitive Pricing.

Incfile Cons

  • Agent service ($119/year for entrepreneurs who already have an LLC) is not as impressive as with Zen Business or Northwest Registered Agent;
  • No additional features are included.

Incfile: Overall Experience

That said, Incfile is able to offer great free premium options for entrepreneurs in its basic packages, which is really beneficial for those who plan to launch their own firm. However, their service seems more like an afterthought, when compared to previous agencies on the list.

Registered Agent Review General Conclusions

When comparing the three aforementioned companies, you can surely count on quality and reasonable pricing, no matter which service you choose. Incfile offers cheaper pricing, but its RA service is not as good as the one you get from Zen Business or Northwest. The latter offers the best service range and rich experience in the industry, when compared to its competitors, however, the pricing of the agency can be rather expensive for some companies.

Zen Business, in its turn, offers a user-friendly website, more affordable prices (compared to Northwest), and excellent customer support.
Alternatively, you can also try online legal services like LegalZoom, Harbor Compliance, and SunDoc Filings. Their prices are slightly cheaper, however, the range of their RA services is rather limited as well.

Benefits of Using a Registered Agent Service in Nevada

As you have already noticed, there are quite a few great reasons to hire the best registration agent in Nevada, no matter if you are opening a non-profit organization, an LLC, or a corporation. And though the requirements for RA in Nevada seem quite clear and understandable, you still want to consider a few aspects.

Here are the main ones to consider:

  • Time-saving. They will help you not miss a thing. This person (or entity) will keep you informed on your deadlines, filings, incoming mail, and notices from the state. In the meantime, you will be able to focus on what's important for your entity;
  • Security. With a professional RA, your privacy is fully secured, and there will be no confusing situations in case of any lawsuits against your organization. Thus, your business reputation will not suffer. The specialist will take care of timely notifications so that you file everything on time. Moreover, top-notch resident agents totally understand how the legal system runs, as well as all its details and nuances. Therefore, you won't have to worry about doing something wrong;
  • Prompt mail processing. Due to a rich experience in the industry, professional registered agents know exactly how critical time is for your venture. Thus, they will immediately process all papers received from the state of Nevada or the federal government so you don't miss anything. Additionally, they will be always available during normal working hours at your office to answer any questions you might have, related to such documents;
  • Flexibility. With a skillful agent, you will be able to adjust your working schedule according to your business/personal needs and goals. Additionally, you will always be able to take sick leaves and days off when you need them.

Registered agent services in Nevada will save your time on researching the necessary information and requirements. Whether you choose to be your own agent or hire a professional company, knowing these requirements and what you need to do will help you stay compliant with the state laws.

Swyft Filings$49$149$299

Best Registered Agent Review: How Do We Choose Companies

We carefully evaluate each of the represented resident agent services to provide the best option for you. 

Unlike other Nevada registered agent reviews, we always consider the most important aspects when choosing the best company. These include affordable pricing, valuable features (document receiving, storage, easy online access, etc.), feedback from previous clients (positive or negative), customer support (speed of response, experience, politeness, overall attitude, etc.), honesty (no hidden fees), and website accessibility (user-friendly navigation, simple checkout process, etc.).

All of the aforementioned companies have passed the test. That's why, when doing your registered agent Nevada search, you should know that hiring any of the agencies above is a wise decision. By doing so, your business journey will be smooth and seamless since you're dealing with professionals.

That said, we always try to offer the best value for money to our readers, without sacrificing quality. The RA services companies that we recommend above will help you launch and lead a successful firm.

Why You Can Trust Our Choice

This review will help you make a wise decision. With us, you will know exactly which service to choose and what to expect from your RA. Realizing that your business stays in 100% compliance with Nevada's laws is bliss. We have carefully described each candidate that can serve you as a reliable statutory agent.

The profession may seem rather simple. However, if the tasks of RA are handled incorrectly, you can waste a significant amount of money through fees and penalties to the state, which will definitely lead to serious issues and, eventually, the dissolution of your business.

We offer you the opportunity to choose a perfect RA once and for all and avoid all the mess. This is more than essential, especially when you're at the initial, formation stage. We help you stay compliant and make sure nothing will go wrong as your business grows.

Our tips and recommendations in this review are independent and non-biased.

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We hope that this article will help you find the best registered agent service in Nevada for your venture.  

Nevada is one of the few U.S. states without a corporate income tax. If you register a corporation in this state, you will save money when distributing profits. Registration is available online through the Business Portal. Initial and annual filings can also be done online.

Creditors seeking collection from shareholders of closed corporations can do so only through a court order to charge fees. Nevada has its own unique court system: business courts. Business court decisions are streamlined to set a statewide precedent.

Registration is available online through the Business Portal. Initial and annual filings are also done online. Lenders seeking collection from shareholders of closed corporations can do so only through a court order to charge fees. Nevada has its own unique court system: business courts. Business court decisions are streamlined to set a statewide precedent.

No corporate income tax. Nevada is one of the few states in the United States that does not have a corporate income tax. If you incorporate a corporation in Nevada, the owner will save money when distributing profits. In addition to no corporate income tax, there are no stock, franchise, or personal income taxes.

Nevada is one of the states with the lowest business taxes in the United States. This allows national companies to reinvest profits or distribute them as they see fit.

Streamlined procedure for incorporation in Nevada. You can register your Nevada corporation completely online through the Business Portal. It provides instant licensing and a quick turnaround time. Initial and annual filings are also done online. However, to avoid a lot of pitfalls, we advise you to take help from the experts of the companies above. They will complete the entire procedure quickly, set up the startup of the business, and the client will know that there are no claims against them from the tax authority.

Legally protected liability of the founders. Nevada's revised statutes allow only two ways to "breakthrough" corporate shareholder liability protection: fraud or manifest injustice. There is no higher level of liability protection by incorporating a corporation in Nevada.

The flexibility of directors' powers in the face of a takeover. In many states, laws prevent directors from taking certain factors into account when faced with a corporate takeover. In Delaware, for example, directors in many cases are required to accept the offer simply because its importance is the highest, regardless of the impact on employees and the public interest. Nevada law allows directors to consider the impact of a takeover on employees, the community, and the local economy when faced with a takeover proposal.

Compare the conditions for opening an LLC in Nevada with other states:

  1. Nevada vs Delaware
  2. New Mexico vs Nevada
  3. Nevada vs California
  4. Wyoming vs Nevada