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Last updated February 17, 2023
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While registering a legal entity is enough to start your business, you should also think about how to further maintain that entity to eligibly run your business. Thus, each state has certain requirements you’ll have to observe when forming an LLC or incorporating.

Arkansas registered agent

A registered agent is a common requirement for both LLCs and corporations across the states. Thus, to register an LLC or corporation in Arkansas, you should take care of appointing a representative agent for your future enterprise in advance. A failure to maintain an agent after the entity registration will put your LLC or corporation's legitimacy and state compliance at stake.

So, take your time to get into this issue before involving in the filing process. What is the agent’s function? Who can be a registered agent for your LLC in Arkansas? How to do the Arkansas registered agent search? You’ll find the answers to these questions and a lot more helpful info below. Just keep on reading!

What Is a Registered Agent in Arkansas?

In the state of Arkansas, it’s a person or entity that will receive and process legal mail on behalf of your company. Legal mail covers a range of essential documents:

  • Filing forms;
  • Statutory requests;
  • Public notices;
  • Court summons;
  • Service of process, which is lawsuit-related documents;
  • Other legal papers, letters, and notifications addressed by public organizations and government or state authorities to your LLC.

Seemingly simple and rather formal at a glance, this role is vital for your business since by receiving important documents in advance and timely informing you about any crucial papers and requests that require immediate action or response, an agent serves as a guarantor of your LLC’s good standing with the state.

Notably, you can’t simply appoint someone to be your representative agent, you should provide a registered agent consent form in Arkansas when filing your LLC statute to make this appointment lawful and enforceable.

Your Arkansas Assignee Options

General rules applied to the representative agent across the US are quite straightforward and don’t limit your choice too much:

  • It should be an adult individual over 18 years of age residing in Arkansas or a legal person entitled to run a business in that state and currently operating there;
  • An individual or entity should have a registered physical address in Arkansas and should be able to be present under that street address during regular business hours;
  • No restrictions on education or professional expertise are in place;
  • You cannot use a P.O. box, private mailbox, or commercial mail agency as the agent’s address;
  • You cannot designate your own LLC or corporation to fulfill the agent’s function.

Basically, you have the following options for appointing a statutory agent in the state of Arkansas:

  • You can reserve this role for yourself and do the job on your own without the need to pay anyone and look for a rep you can trust;
  • Your friend or relative residing in Arkansas is a great option if you live outside the state and want to save some funds on appointing a commercial agent;
  • You can choose for this role an attorney or account you’ve been working with for a long time. Some of those specialists would agree to handle the task free of charge, especially if you hire them for your business on a regular basis, while others would charge you additionally for that. The downside to this option is that you’ll have to update and amend your company info each time those specialists change their office addresses. Besides, neither an attorney nor an accountant or tax advisor will offer the perks of commercial agents;
  • Designating a dedicated service to perform the agent’s function for your LLC will save you a lot of hassle and bring peace of mind for reasonable money. At $100 to $250 a year, your legal mail will be handled by professionals saving you the trouble of handling formal routines and enabling you to spend more time on business matters.

Dedicated Representative Services: Your Best Arkansas Registered Agent Alternative

It’s quite often that entrepreneurs-to-be choose to be their own statutory agents. They consider it’s affordable, convenient, and even natural in a way. Why should you delegate an easy task and pay for that? However, is it really that simple? Or are there any hidden catches?

While you really save money on paying someone to be your mailing rep, serving your own agent also entangles certain risks you should be aware of:

  • Missing important mail: Letters, notices, and requests from state agencies and authorities usually call for some action from your side and set up deadlines for those actions to be taken or responses to be forwarded. Failure to act in time might cause penalties or even more serious legal problems due to your non-receiving the letter;
  • Administrative dissolution: If you change a registered address and fail to inform the Secretary of State about that within a 60-day period, the regulator is entitled to initiate administrative dissolution and close your company. The same might happen if you miss some filing or reporting request and put your compliance status at stake;
  • Default judgment: In case of lawsuits against your LLC or corporation, the service of process should be delivered to the representative agent. Should you lose or miss it and, as a result, fail to appear in court to defend your company, the case might be settled by default judgment against your entity.

All of the above could happen if you use an inappropriate address, lack diligence in your mail organization, travel a lot and leave your registered address for long periods of time, or miss some important state requirements to the representative agent.

By hiring a professional service to perform the agent’s function for you in Arkansas, you’ll avoid all the above risks and even enjoy a number of other benefits:

  • You won’t have to disclose your personal data to the public following the registered agent law;
  • All your correspondence will be duly organized, sorted out, and controlled. And you’ll be timely informed about any crucial letters or important documents;
  • You’ll have more time for ongoing business affairs and won’t be bound to your registered address;
  • By sending your compliance alerts and reporting reminders, an agent will help you keep up with your compliance commitments and stay in good standing with the state;
  • Since most agent services operate nationwide, you’ll get access to their extended agent networks and won’t have any problem finding a representative in any US state if you decide to move or expand your business.

Registered Agent for LLC in Arkansas: Our Local Suggestions

When choosing a third-party mailing rep, you will choose between local partners and national service companies. While local agent firms are usually smaller and are not popular beyond the state, they know all ins and outs of local laws and can help you quickly adapt to the business and regulatory environments of Arkansas.

National operators, on the other hand, are big companies with a nationwide presence and wide popularity. Most often than not, they also have a wide range of additional service options beyond the agent service and can get you covered in any US state. At the same time though, they often rely on third-party partners and lack a personalized approach.

If you are in the search of a local agent service provider, you can refer to the Arkansas Secretary of State for some advice or check our suggestions below.

Registered Agent in Mountain Home, AR

Arkansas Registered Agent LLC is a local representative service company with the sit in Mountain Home. The company also provides formation and incorporation services internally that are comprehensive and come at lower prices than those offered by national providers.

The mail-processing service with the Arkansas Registered Agent LLC will cost you $49 per annum. And this price per annual subscription is even lower than the bulk rates of nationwide operators. The agent service will cover everything you expect from a premium pack and even more:

  • Same-day scans of vital documents, crucial notifications, and service of process that will be made available to you via your online account wherever you are;
  • Auto reminders to keep up with important dates and match filing or reporting deadlines;
  • Compliance tools to trace and maintain your entity’s compliance status;
  • Instant access to pre-filled legal forms you’ll have otherwise to search high and low on other government websites;
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees or added charges during the year.

If you want to minimize your business formation expenses and get a reliable and efficient local representative in Arkansas, you can’t go wrong with the Arkansas Registered Agent LLC.

Registered Agent in Hensley, AR

Arkansas Corporation Services, Inc. is an affiliate of the Action Process Service and Private Investigations LLC from Little Rock. The company is a dedicated agent service operating across the state of Arkansas and serving both domestic and foreign entities.

Run by an experienced business manager, Arkansas Corporation Services strive to deliver the best service quality to its customers. Besides, the company maintains direct links with the Secretary of State's Office, and you’ll register via the regulator's website, which further proves its professionalism.

When it comes to the service price, it’s on the higher end of the price range. You’ll have to pay $100 for the annual subscription that covers:

  • Forwarding all communications from state and public authorities;
  • Two services of process.

Notably, each next service of process will be processed at $25.

To add more, Arkansas Corporation Services serves as a representative for a few BOC-3 (Blanket of Coverage) agents and handle federal filings on their behalf. It’s something other agent services don’t provide. Yet, it might be of help for certain categories of customers.

Best Registered Agent Services in Arkansas: Your National Alternatives

While local agent services are usually scarce, national companies come in numbers. As a result, it’s easy to get lost in a variety of options. How to know which of them is your best match? Many would choose between the alternatives that pop up at the top of the search and are not eager to scrutinize the whole list.

We’ve already done the preparation job for you and selected the services that, in our opinion, deserve your attention the most.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest is a reputed company with a strong market position backed by decades of expertise and confident customer support. Initially launched as an agent service, today the company is a prominent LLC service providing both formation assistance and agent services.

What makes Northwest stand out is that it hits a sweet spot between premium and budget-friendly providers. The company strives to combine reasonable pricing with premium service quality and succeeds in this.

Northwest Pluses and Minuses

There is a lot to love about the Northwest, and it’s our top choice for a reason. Let’s look at how the company balances its strengths and weaknesses in more detail.

Pros Cons
Top-of-the-line agent serviceHigher rates
Personal customer data prioritized: With the Northwest Privacy by Default guarantee, you can rest assured your identity is securely protected and your data won’t leak onlineToo elaborate client service
Smart pricing model
Comprehensive approach
Exclusive customer service


  • Top-of-the-line agent service: Immediate document scans come bundled with handy compliance alerts and a personal service manager assigned to your online account. You can get a discount when ordering service for more than 10 states and an annual agent service subscription comes included for free in the Northwest formation pack (at $39);
  • Personal customer data prioritized: With the Northwest Privacy by Default guarantee, you can rest assured your identity is securely protected, and your data won’t leak online;
  • Smart pricing model: The company comes up with volume discounts and strives to ensure the best quality for the money you pay. So, a bit higher than average agent service price ($125) is fully justified by the scope and quality of service provided;
  • Comprehensive approach: Enlisting a whole bunch of one-time services, Northwest also offers comprehensive formation packs embracing all essential features and even more at a more than reasonable cost;
  • Exclusive customer service: Apart from regular easy-to-access customer support, Northwest has a unique team of experts (Corporate Guides) who are former businessmen, lawyers, managers, and other specialists from different industries you can consult with.


  • Higher rates: By and large, Northwest rates are not the most affordable out there, and you can find many providers with lower prices. At the same time, though, the service quality and professional approach the company offers are well-worth a bit higher price tag;
  • Too elaborate client service: Strange though it might seem, the biggest company’s claim to fame is its drawback at the same time. The thing is that help reps aim at revealing the root of any problem you have. As a result, even if you have a minor or simple question, you’ll have to spend time and discuss it in every detail instead of getting a quick and brief answer.


Northwest is deservedly a leader in many ratings and is at the top of our list. The company is both an excellent agent service provider and a top-line formation service. So, it will make a one-stop shop for all your business needs.

InCorp Registered Agent

Have you ever heard about this provider? Normally, it doesn’t pop up on the top search results and lingers at the bottom of service ratings or doesn’t even appear in many of them. Why does it take a top position on our list then?

The main reason is that InCorp is one of the best agent service providers. Less popular than industry top-liners, this company can outcompete the leaders in the scope of agent service and overall approach to this function.

InCorp Pluses and Minuses

InCorp’s representative service is far from being common. It has a number of unique value-adding features to it and the whole strategy about it is to establish long-term relations with the customer. Consider its major fortes and downsides.

High-end data protectionLower focus on the formation service
Automatized compliance controlHigher business formation cost
Unique customer service
Volume discounts


  • High-end data protection: The Entity Watch Technology is the company’s latest solution for the identity theft problem. It will create a secure protective shield for your private data and prevent any unauthorized disclosure. In addition, it will let you keep track of your compliance status;
  • Automatized compliance control: With the Entity Management software integrated into your personal InCorp dashboard, you can set up your personal compliance calendar and store all your essential documents and forms well-organized;
  • Unique customer service: With InCorp, you won’t have to hang on the phone for a long time to get in touch with a new rep each time. You’ll have your personal service assistant aware of all your problems and issues and ready to provide quick help when you need it;
  • Volume discounts: Standard annual agent service subscription costs $129. Yet, if you sign up for a few years, you can significantly cut down that price. Thus, a five-year subscription comes at $87 per year. Bulk discounts are also valid for multi-state subscriptions. Besides, you’ll get a single bill for multiple services to make payments and accounting easier.


  • Lower focus on the formation service: Though positioned as an LLC service, InCorp’s focus is strongly shifted to the representative service. With a single formation pack and lacking diversity in this area, the company lags behind in business formation and incorporation;
  • Higher business formation cost: With a baseline bundle at $99 and the agent service at $129, InCorp is not the most expensive service, yet it lingers to a higher end of the price range. Besides, to make your formation service list complete, you’ll have to add a number of options that will further bump up your grand total.


In a word, InCorp is a solid agent service partner for long-term cooperation and a really good representative service overall. Yet, it’s not the best option for all-inclusive business formation.


ZenBusines is yet another talk of the town in the business formation industry. Though not supported by an impressive track record, the company boasts the popularity that many top-liners lack. It smartly combines agent service with formation assistance and is a fave of many beginner entrepreneurs and startuppers.

ZenBusiness Pluses and Minuses

ZenBusiness excels in a few aspects that make it a strong competitor and help it gain a strong market reputation despite being a relative industry newcomer.

Up-to-par agent serviceA lengthy signup process
Comprehensive and affordable formations and incorporationsTricky agent service pricing.
Solid customer support
Outstanding customer support


  • Up-to-par agent service: Straight off the reel, at $99, ZenBusiness agent service is by far the most affordable among national providers. A personal online account, immediate document scans, protected online atmosphere, and compliance control tools are included;
  • Comprehensive and affordable formations and incorporations: With ZenBusiness, you can legalize your business at $49, which is an expressly low rate per se. Being budget-friendly, it covers a full-scale bundle of filing services, annual agent subscription, and company bylaws;
  • Solid customer support: Operating since 2015, ZenBusiness has over 4700 customer comments online and most of them are positive;
  • Outstanding customer support: Many customer reviews praise excellent ZenBusiness customer service. 


  • A lengthy signup process: To sign up with the agent service, you’ll have to answer a whole set of questions that will take some time and might feel a bit annoying;
  • Tricky agent service pricing: The representative service price is not clearly shown and is revealed only during the sign-up process. Besides, it appears that a $99 fee doesn’t cover compliance tracking tools that cost $50 in addition.


ZenBusiness is a great choice for first-time businessmen and startuppers who seek budget-friendly and comprehensive formation services. Yet, it looks quite expensive as an a-la-carte agent service.

LegalZoom Registered Agent

LegalZoom is about expertise, professionalism, and a solid reputation. The company is one of the industry’s old-timers that functions as a full-scale LLC service and representative service provider and offers intensive legal assistance to individuals.

LegalZoom Pluses and Minuses

There is much hype about LegalZoom and its popularity is hard to beat. Let’s see if it’s worth the buzz around it.

Impressive track recordExpensive service
Professional agent serviceAutomatic subscription renewal
Data protection guarantee
Unlimited document storage


  • Impressive track record: LegalZoom has decades of experience behind its back that contributes to its outstanding brand power and high professionalism;
  • Professional agent service: Dedicated to quality, LegalZoom has a team of in-house experts that will handle your mail internally, with an eye on the information confidentiality and security. And a smart compliance calendar with timely reminders and alerts will help maintain your business’s good standing with the state;
  • Data protection guarantee: On guard of your data security, LegalZoom comes up with an exclusive $1.000,000 identity theft guarantee that shows how the company treats security issues; 
  • Unlimited document storage: You’ll get access to an online cloud depot to store not only your mail scans but also digital versions of any other documents you deem necessary including your formation papers and essential business-related forms, regulatory and permissive documents.


  • Expensive service: LegalZoom is one of the most expensive agent services so far. At $299 per annum, it’s much pricier than many other offerings on the market;
  • Automatic subscription renewal: LegalZoom agent service subscription is prolonged automatically unless you cancel it in advance. And once you are charged the annual fee, it’s non-regfundable.


LegalZoom is for those who appreciate brand power, professionalism, and the ultimate data security and are ready to pay for that. In the meantime, it’s certainly too expensive for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Arkansas Registered Agent Reviews: Quick Conclusions

By and large, choosing between a local and national agent for your Arkansas entity depends on your business plans and ambitions and your personal preferences:

  • If you value local experience and knowledge, stay with one of the Arkansas companies;
  • If you have expansion plans on your mind and appreciate brand power, rely on a national operator. Speaking of which, our best recommendation here is Northwest, which will have you set in all your business needs and won’t cost you a fortune.

InCorp is also a decent choice if you look for a discount Arkansas registered agent for long-term collaboration and don’t need formation assistance.

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Best Arkansas Registered Agent: How We Choose

Relying on someone’s choice is often hard since you don’t know if you can trust it. In the meantime, doing your own Arkansas registered agent search doesn’t necessarily result in picking the best alternative. Yet, it will take you a lot of time and effort to accomplish.

The first reason why you can trust us is that we are backed by extensive experience and know what to look for. We almost intuitively pinpoint the decent options and check them under many different criteria.

Yet another reason is that we treat our job seriously and never rely on random choices. We scrutinize multiple alternatives to sort out those that rather look like splashy promotions and leave those that are worth the hype.

To make it more than high-flown talk, we’ll reveal our selection and estimation methodology to you.

How We Select the Best Registered Agent Services Arkansas

When selecting the best registered agent for LLC in Arkansas, we stick to the following algorithm:

  • Monitoring reviews: We monitor unbiased online customer reviews on independent reviewer websites such as Google, Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Affairs to detect scammers and identify legitimate and trustworthy providers;
  • Analyzing web platform: We thoroughly check the websites of providers we consider reliable, talk to their service managers and help reps to see what they offer;
  • Talking to real customers: We directly contact customers who have commented on the companies’ services to get their personal opinions and ask more detailed questions;
  • Talking to the provider sales staff: We contact sales managers to see how companies represent themselves as well as to ask tricky questions that help reveal some inner issues and understand how companies tackle complaints.

How We Estimate the Selected Companies

Once we have a list of selected agent service providers, we estimate them under certain criteria to duly rank them. There are a few key points to check:

  • Service range: Apart from basic tools and features, a good provider also comes up with some extras that add value and make the whole service more diverse;
  • Prices: Don’t chase low prices. Since a lower cost might better fit your budget but it doesn’t mean good service quality. Search for the price-to-value ratio, which is the only right approach to follow;
  • Ease of use: Online services should be easy to use, period. An intuitive website with simple navigation and straightforward sign-up is a must. You don’t have to spend time and effort to find the necessary info, order a service, or log into your account;
  • Client support: Efficient and functional client support is yet another indicator of a good agent service and any service actually. A help center should be accessible and help reps should be responsive, knowledgeable, patient, and eager to answer your questions.


Here are a few common questions most filers usually have about the representative agent when getting prepared to form an LLC or incorporate.