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Last updated February 17, 2023
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Mississipi best registered agent

If you are planning to open a business in Mississippi, you will definitely need registered agent services. This is a person or entity who will receive official correspondence for your company, interact with the state government, and handle the service of process.

Mississippi may be of interest to aspiring and experienced business people looking to pursue a career in agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, tourism, gaming, or service industries.

Best Registered Agent Services in Mississippi  

Under Mississippi law, you can:

  • Act as an RA for your LLC in Mississippi;
  • Appoint a relative or employee to act as your agent;
  • Choose a commercial professional registered agent.

The basic requirements for a Mississippi registered agent for service of process are the same as in other states:

  • The agent may be an adult individual with a permanent physical address in the state or an entity incorporated in the state and having an office here;
  • The agent is required to be available during regular business hours without any breaks;
  • The address should be physical in order to receive correspondence or service of process in person. A P.O. box is not acceptable.

When doing Mississippi registered agent search, you should pay special attention to the reliability of your agent. If an RA is unavailable at the time of need, you run the risk of having significant problems:

  1. In the event of a lawsuit, you will not receive the necessary documents and notices in a timely manner;
  2. If the agent is not available to receive correspondence from the Mississippi government and tax authorities, you will lose your reputation.

Registered Agent in Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson is the largest city and the capital of Mississippi. Therefore, the range of RAs here is traditionally wide. You can use the state's official website to find statutory agents in this city.

  • The main advantage: your agent is geographically close to the administrative authorities in Mississippi;
  • The main disadvantage: real estate, including office rentals in the capital, is always more expensive than in smaller communities, which can affect the cost of services. 

Registered Agent in Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport is the second most populous city in Mississippi. Business life here is very active. It may be convenient for you to choose an RA in this city (especially if your office is located here).

Regardless of where your company is actually headquartered, you can choose a registered agent in Jackson, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, or any other locality. Today's technology allows you to get notice and documents quickly (even if you're in another state/country).

How to Choose the Best Mississippi Registered Agent Service

All registered agents who work in the state are publicly available on the Mississippi Secretary of State's website. An RA can be local or national. The prices of services and the list of extras vary markedly depending on the company.

We have studied different providers and have made a rating of the best offers.

Northwest Registered Agent

Cost: $125 a year 

When choosing services, you should be guided not only by the price but also by the professionalism of the company. Of course, there are cheaper options, but Northwest has the best price/quality ratio.

The company scans and stores all correspondence in a reliable cloud service. Moreover, every customer gets individual consultations. If you want to start your own business, you can count on the help of the best specialists.

Drafting reports, reminding you to pay your taxes, or sending documents to your in-house secretary: the company provides all of these services.


  • Northwest Registered Agent charges a reasonable price for the entire list of services. When you factor in all the benefits, the fee seems small;
  • You can get discount Mississippi registered agent services if you contract with the firm to serve 10 or more legal entities;
  • Purchase any business formation package and get one year of RA service for free. The cost to form an LLC with this provider starts at $39 a month;
  • The team consists of professional attorneys, accountants, entrepreneurs, and each consultant has excellent knowledge of Mississippi laws;
  • Each client has a personal corporate guide who can handle any challenge and is always eager to help with any issue that may arise.


  • There are cheaper offers on the market. You can buy the minimum you need for a lower price and not spend too much on extra services;
  • Corporate guides answer questions in detail every time, which a person may not want. It isn’t a big disadvantage, but there are such complaints found on the web.


Northwest Registered Agent is definitely the best option. You can use all the legally required services for the best price. A clear advantage is the wide range of additional services that are included in the cost of the assistance.   

ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Cost: $99 per year 

ZenBusiness is a highly renowned service that helps customers open LLCs or corporations. If you entrust these activities to ZenBusiness specialists, they will help you register a DBA and give you access to a multifunctional website and forms that will come in handy.


  • Many satisfied customers. There are more than 4,700 positive reviews about reasonable prices, professionalism of consultants, and convenient cooperation;
  • Creating an LLC or corporation with ZenBusiness is affordable. The company offers some of the best packages that include many useful additional services;
  • Use any of the business creation packages and get a free year of service from an RA;
  • A professional customer support team knows how to deal with customers. They have extended opening hours, so you can contact them at any convenient time;
  • $99 a year for Mississippi registered agent service is practically the cheapest offer on the market.


  • ZenBusiness's top priority is business formation. RAs’ assistance in this company is not unique because it's a secondary service;
  • The main package includes only the most basic services. Moreover, you will have to pay extra for the additional help;
  • The specialists will notify you of deadlines for submitting forms/important documents and advise you on many essential business issues for a yearly fee of $50.


For entrepreneurs with a limited budget, Zen Business will be a great solution. But you can't call ZenBusiness the best Mississippi registered agent because you only get the bare minimum for $99.

If you compare Zen Business's advanced services to the basic Northwest package, the first option costs more.

Nevertheless, the service will be fine for you if there is a need for a Mississippi RA who faithfully performs all the basic functions.

Harbor Compliance Registered Agent

Cost: $99 per year

If you are in Mississippi and need an RA at a low price, contact Harbor Compliance. This is one of the easiest and most convenient services we know.


  • There are no hidden fees, no need to pay extra for an extended service package or a large number of uploaded documents;
  • The company will provide all the assistance you need to accurately comply with the Mississippi Department of Corporations requirements;
  • You will be informed of important dates, report deadlines, or other important events; 
  • The company's website is very simple and easy to use. It takes 5-10 minutes to order RA services. 


  • The company does not stand out among its competitors. Despite the simplicity of the service, you only get the minimum required;
  • There is no guidance or assistance with accounting, tax records, reporting, or other important business interactions with the state government.


Like many other companies providing registered agent services Mississippi, Harbor Compliance offers document scanning, cloud service, and email forwarding.

This national registered agent is a good solution if you want a simple, reliable service and nothing extra. 

Incfile Registered Agent

Cost: $119 per year

Incfile is a popular provider for creating LLCs and getting RA services. An important perk is the free LLC formation package, which includes a year of a statutory agent.

Separately, the cost of a registered agent's assistance is $119 per year.


  • Incfile provides top-notch business creation assistance. It's completely free if you don't need advanced support. You only pay the fees required by Mississippi law;
  • There are a lot of positive reviews on the web. The average Incfile's rating is 4.8/5, which is a reflection of its high-quality work;
  • Free 12-month registered agent service for all business formation plans.


There are no bonuses or extra services, so the $119 price, while reasonable, is not very favorable.


The Incfile service is a great assistant when registering an LLC. Even the extended paid packages are beneficial because they are well thought out and include useful services.

It's very likely that after some time of use, the customer will decide to update the registered agent for LLC in Mississippi. Over time, you may also decide to try out other companies offering the same services for a lower price.

LegalZoom Registered Agent

Cost: $299 per year 

LegalZoom is a trusted company that offers premium Mississippi registered agent services. The company has a very strong reputation and is widely known as a provider of business services in all U.S. states.


  • This provider is known all over the United States. Cooperating with such a giant will favorably affect your reputation;
  • All your documents and confidential data will not only be securely stored but also insured for $ 1 million. This gives you a guarantee of safety for all your data;
  • LegalZoom staff has served millions of clients since its establishment. Such achievements clearly put the service well above the competition;
  • LegalZoom offers legal help. Paying for comprehensive business services and legal help in one place is a convenient solution. 


  • The reviews about this company are average with many both positive and negative comments;
  • Overpriced. $299 is a very high price for such common services, which can be obtained much cheaper;
  • The services of a registered agent are not included in any business creation package. 


Thanks to its well-known name, LegalZoom is the optimal solution for those who value premium service and reputation above all. This company is reliable and tested by millions of people.

Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent

Cost: $149.99 per year

Rocket Lawyer is not as well-known as Legal Zoom and charges less for its services. The company also helps with LLC registration and provides a variety of other legal services.

With over 14 years of experience in the U.S. legal and business services market, Rocket Lawyer has helped almost a million companies start their businesses. If you need legal advice and high-quality assistance, LegalZoom is the right choice for you.

But we should not forget that Rocket Lawyer specializes in legal services, and assistance in business registration is considered an additional area of activity.


  • Customers share a large number of reviews about this company. There are several negative ones among them though;
  • The experts devote a lot of their time to an in-depth study of the legislation of the state you need and use the knowledge gained in practice;
  • The choice of legal services is vast. You can always choose what you need or pay for a convenient all-inclusive package.


  • $149.99 per year for a registered agent's assistance is the average price, but additional services are not included in the cost;
  • If you want a free year of RA service, you will have to buy the "Premium" package. Other packages do not include this feature.


Rocket Lawyer is not the best provider if you are just looking for registered agent services and nothing more. In that case, it makes sense to choose one of the many companies that offer assistance at a more reasonable price.

When it is worth choosing Rocket Lawyer:

  1. You will definitely be interested in Rocket Lawyer if you need legal services (especially on an ongoing basis);
  2. The services are cost-effective. The company also provides very favorable comprehensive solutions;
  3. If you order a Premium package, you will be offered discount Mississippi registered agent services ( -25%).

If you're interested in getting ongoing legal support and appointing a registered agent at the same time, Rocket Lawyer is a winning solution.

Registered Agent Review: General Conclusions

If you're planning to open a business in Mississippi, you'll need to do a registered agent Mississippi search before you start the registration process.

After analyzing all the offers, we recommend focusing your attention on Northwest Registered Agent. The pros of this choice:

  • The best value for money. You can get professional help and really useful additional services;
  • They scan all documents and upload them to the cloud at no extra cost. Most competitors limit the amount of correspondence they are willing to process;
  • You will be mandatorily notified of all important events;
  • Your personal corporate guide will know everything about your company to get to the bottom of your issues quickly and professionally.

We understand that everyone, based on their needs and situation, will require companies with different specializations. People, who appreciate simplicity and need a basic minimum of services, will appreciate ZenBusiness.

Many other companies also provide services for $99 or even cheaper. We have analyzed these offers, but they were not included in the review for such reasons:

  • The company has been operating for less than 5 years and does not have a solid reputation;
  • There are virtually no reviews to help make sure the cooperation is reliable;
  • You will have to pay extra for scanning documents, resulting in a cost of about $100 or more;
  • The response time from consultants and the sales team is not satisfactory.

Remember that reliability is the most important parameter when choosing your registered agent. Otherwise, you risk facing losses in court cases and fines.

We've also included companies that offer ongoing legal services. Usually, when corporation owners search for Mississippi registered agents, the choice falls on this set of services.

Benefits of Using a Mississippi Registered Agent Service

If you are a Mississippi resident, you can become a registered agent for your company. This solution is in demand among aspiring businessmen. These tasks are seemingly easy to perform, and everyone wants to save even a little money when starting a business.

But in fact, you can get help with business registration for a small fee and then get a year of free registered agent's assistance. And if you contact Incfile, you can even obtain the entire range of services for free.

Cooperation with professionals will help you in many ways:

  • Confidentiality is preserved. The address and name of the registered agent (and not your personal)  will be in the public domain;
  • Spam letters will be handled by a professional;
  • Save your time. A registered agent has to be present at the registered address every day during office hours. This means no sick leave, vacations, or lunch breaks;
  • A professional agent keeps track of changes in laws, notifies you of all the deadlines, reminds you when you need to submit reports, etc.

Best Registered Agent Review: How Do We Choose?

Our experts have performed a new Mississippi business registered agent search in 2022. We have used social media advertising, Google searches, and review sites. Overall, we have selected 60 companies in Mississippi that provide registered agent services.

The experience of the company was the primary criterion. If the company has been on the business services market for less than 5 years, it does not suit us. The convenience of the site and reviews on the Internet also influenced the choice greatly.

What we took into account when analyzing services:

  • Prices. We are strongly against hidden fees because this is the deception of the client;
  • Website usability. If it is inconvenient or some information is not specified at all, it will be difficult to work with such a service. The site is the face of the company;
  • Mississippi registered agent reviews. We analyze independent reviews written by real people on social networks and platforms with feedback;
  • Communication with clients. We have contacted each company on the list. We’ve called the services and evaluated the politeness and speed of the staff's response.

Why You Can Trust Our Choice

Our team consists of experts dedicated to the study of business formation services and LLC registration in the United States. Today, we have extensive experience and continue collecting and analyzing information from a variety of sources.

We constantly study the peculiarities of the states' legislation, strive to control changes on the market, monitor prices of the well-known services, and the introduction of new companies. Thus, you can be sure that each of our reviews is done thoroughly.

How We Selected the Best Registered Agent

Each client has different requirements for a Registered Agent service provider. Therefore, we have included several other companies in the list, focusing on the following parameters:

  • Reasonable prices, discounts;
  • The most beneficial business creation packages;
  • Excellent reputation, premium services;
  • Useful legal and other additional services.

We are confident that one of these options may be the best for you. And if you are not sure which company to choose, try partnering with Northwest Registered Agent, a provider that is ranked #1 on our list.

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In this article, we have detailed who a registered agent is and how to find an RA for a corporation or an LLC in Mississippi. We have also presented a ranking of the best companies from our experts. We hope that the article was helpful to you.