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Last updated February 17, 2023
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In most states, business laws and regulations aim to stimulate entrepreneurial activity and maintain private businesses that greatly contribute to the state economy. Hence, starting your own venture today is not a problem, and such entities as LLCs make it even easier.

Arizona registered agent

When it comes to the LLC registration, though, there are still a few compulsory aspects to observe. One of those is a registered agent. Required for LLCs and corporations in most US states, it’s a must-have element for LLC establishment in Arizona too.

What is an agent function? Who can be a registered agent for your LLC in Arizona? How to do the agent’s search? Keep on reading to find the answers and consider our Arizona registered agent reviews that will save you some legwork when choosing the best option for your to-be-formed enterprise.

Who Can Be Your Representative Agent in Arizona?

Unlike many other states, Arizona has no age restrictions for the agent position. However, typically, if you pick an individual for the role, the requirements are as follows:

  • It should be an adult person over 18 years of age;
  • No educational or professional limitations present;
  • Your rep should have a physical address in the state (under Section 2903115 of the Arizona LLC Act).

Only real street addresses are acceptable and no P.O. boxes are allowed. Also, the RA should be consistently present under that registered address during business hours.

By and large, any adult or a legal entity registered in Arizona can serve as your mailing representative in that state. You can fulfill this function on your own, yet, you are not allowed to appoint your own LLC for this role.

If you’d ask for our recommendation on your best Arizona registered agent alternative, we’d go for a dedicated entity specialized in statutory agent services and providing them at a professional level.

Benefits of Using One of the Arizona Registered Agent Services

Operating on a commercial basis, an agent service company will entangle some added expenses. Yet, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg and offer quite a number of indisputable benefits as compared to all other agent options you have:

  • Better privacy: Serving as your own agent for the Arizona LLC, you’ll have to specify your personal data as the agent info and make it available to the general public. With a pro service on your side, your identity will stay intact and the commercial agent’s data will linger in state registries. More than that, you can even use the agent’s registered address to file your LLC;
  • Efficient document flow control: In the course of business, you’ll receive not only business and legal mail but also piles of scam letters, advertisements, marketing leaflets, etc. An agent will keep an eye on crucial packs and papers and diligently sort them out from junk mail. In addition, your personal mailing rep will make sure you receive all essential notices in time to provide an opportune response. There will be no missed or lost correspondence;
  • Efficient time-planning: By delegating the job to pros, you won’t be bound to your home and office all the time and will have the ultimate freedom in planning your work and leisure as you deem necessary;
  • Nationwide presence: Starting a venture in Arizona, you don’t know how soon your enterprise will grow or you decide to expand your activity to other states. Anyway, moving to other jurisdictions, you’ll need a separate agent rep for your LLC in each of them. Most often than not, agent services operate across the US and will have you set in any location.

Registered Agent for LLC in Arizona: Our Local Suggestions

To save you the need of searching high and low and give you a better view of the agent options you have in Arizona, we’ve already done a close Arizona registered agent search and split the results into two major groups.

  • You can stay with a local mail-handling rep if you don’t have ambitious business plans for the future and rather prefer to run a small private company in the state of Arizona;
  • You can choose a national operator to get you covered both in Arizona and any other US state.

Local companies usually have an eye for detail and get a better command of specific local laws while bigger national services have impressive brand power and much wider coverage going for them.

If the idea or a local service provider speaks to you, you can contact the Arizona Secretary of State for a recommendation or rely on our choice.

Statutory Agent in Oro Valley, AZ

An Arizona Registered Agent LLC located in Oro Valley, AZ is more than a dedicated statutory agent service. Whether you plan to establish a new venture in Arizona or move your existing business to this state, this service provider will come to help.

You can get full-scale assistance with entity formation, incorporation, or getting a foreign qualification. And all services are offered at affordable prices including the agent service. Speaking of which, it comes at a flat rate of $49 per year while the market average is about $100. For the price, you’ll get a complete range of options including:

  • A protected online account to securely check all your letters that will be scanned and uploaded online immediately after receipt. Besides, you can keep digital versions of your other legal documents there. In addition, you’ll be forwarded the scans via email. And you can specify 5 more addresses to get those scans if necessary;
  • Filing reminders to submit your annual report in time and avoid penalties or late fees;
  • Access to multiple business forms that will be available once you sign up for your personal online account. You’ll find all the pre-filled templates you need to submit to the Arizona Secretary of State there;
  • Knowledgeable and helpful customer support is accessible via phone or email when you need any help.

With the Arizona Registered Agent, you can get an all-inclusive service pack entailing the agent service and more.

Statutory Agent in Chandler, AZ

If you are going to join the business community of Chandler and start a restaurant or entertainment venture there, you can rely on Grand Morris Dodds to be your mailing rep there.

Using the attorney’s office as your physical address in the state when operating outside Arizona is one of the best and most reliable alternatives you have. Besides, as a legal firm, the company has a whole bunch of other services on the menu such as:

  • Business and estate planning;
  • Trust administration;
  • Asset protection, and more.

So, you can greatly benefit from cooperation with Grand Morris Dodds.

The cost of service will depend on the options you choose. You can get a free price quote before signing up with them.

Statutory Agent in Avondale, AZ

The Arizona Statutory Agent Services is a veteran-owned company with all members and officers born, residing, and working in Arizona. Providing agent services for over three decades and managed by an attorney, it’s by far the best local statutory service company maintained by impressive expertise and a team of dedicated professionals.

What they offer is permanent safe online access to all your correspondence via a secure online account at a fair annual fee of $60. There will be no hidden charges or associated expenses such as postage, handling, fax, or set-up fees.

Once you sign up with the service, you’ll also get access to the main forms and templates you might need for business purposes. You can complete and file them on your own or use the company’s “White Glove” service to save yourself the paperwork hassle. The company specialists could file the LLC for your as well as handle all related documents.

Other additional services provided by the Arizona Statutory Agent Services include:

  • Arizona business address service;
  • Confidential address service;
  • Corporation annual report service;
  • Electronic document processing.

More than that, the provider boasts a 30-day money-back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Registered Agent Services in Arizona: National Alternatives

If you perform a quick registered agent Arizona search, you’ll immediately spot a whole bunch of companies offering their mail-handling services in all US states. How do you know which of them will be your perfect match?

Many of those companies are more than agent service providers. They are rather LLC services ensuring your entity formation from scratch, making the agent service a part of an entire formation pack, and providing helpful maintenance in other related areas.

To ease the choice for you, we’ve cut a long list of national operators to a shorter range of the best registered agent services Arizona.

Northwest Registered Agent Service

As the name suggests, Northwest is a dedicated agent’s service. Yet, initially specialized in statutory agent services only, today, this provider is a one-stop shop for multiple business needs. With a strong track record behind its back, the company has managed to grow into a full-scale LLC service that can help you start and maintain your business in any state.

With Northwest, you’ll get premium agent service without a doubt. All your document scans will be readily available via their user-friendly and intuitive website while a personalized compliance calendar will enable you to catch up with important deadlines. You can leave the agent job to Northwest and delve into resolving other business hurdles rest assured that your legal mail is diligently controlled.

Northwest Pluses and Minuses

In the table below, you’ll find a quick comparison of the main Northwest fortes and downsides to see what makes this company a market leader and what stands behind its nearly impeccable reputation. 

Top-of-the-line agent serviceToo much of a good thing 
Reasonable pricing
Private data shield
Stellar customer support.


Now let’s talk about the advantages in more detail:

  • Top-of-the-line agent service: Northwest provides all the tools to manage and control your business mail in the best possible manner as well as monitor your business compliance and prevent any failures;
  • Reasonable pricing: The company applies what we call a “value for money” approach. Their pricing is in line with the market averages while the service scope and quality they offer for the price are beyond all praise. At $125 a year, you’ll get much more than mere mail handling;
  • Private data shield: Your personal info and data are of prime value for Northwest. Hence, your sensitive mail and important info will be securely protected from unauthorized disclosure;
  • Stellar customer support: Northwest claims to be professional and fully lives up to this claim. The company relies on its own in-house teams of specialists in all aspects including customer service. You’ll be able to get in touch with their well-trained and knowledgeable help reps during business hours and beyond. And the group of Corporate Guides is the Northwest exclusive feature that enables customers to talk to true-to-life experts from different spheres who are ready to share their experiences.


As for the disadvantage:

  • Too much of a good thing: This refers to the Northwest high-end customer support that is initially meant to get to the root of the problem and tackle more complex and tricky business issues. Meanwhile, should you have some more simple or minor issues, it will take you more time to get an answer since the help reps will dig deep into the issue you have anyway.


Northwest ranks high in multiple ratings and is deservedly on the top of our list too. If you seek high-quality agent service, you can’t go wrong with this provider. And if you need efficient assistance in LLC formation or maintenance, you’ll hit the spot with Northwest as well.

InCorp Registered Agent

Many reviewers tend to push InCorp to the bottom since this provider is not as popular as the industry top-liners and has some formation disadvantages we’ll discuss below. However, it’s a runner-up on our list for a reason.

As regards to the agent service, InCorp has a lot to offer and will confidently outcompete even the market leaders. Supported by its own network of mailing reps present in every US state, this provider is a reputed and reliable national operator.

InCorp Pluses and Minuses

If you compare InCorp’s agent service with those of other national providers, you will pinpoint quite a number of exclusive benefits. See how they oppose InCorp’s major drawbacks.

Data safetyLower focus on filing services;Lack of brand power
Better business management
Client-centered support
Bulk discounts


Now, let’s discuss the pros of this service provider:

  • Data safety: With the branded Entity Watch Technology in place, InCorp will stand on guard of your private info and business data online protection and work to avert identity theft. In the meantime, it will let you trace your entity’s compliance status with ease;
  • Better business management: With the Entity Management software that comes in-built into your private InCorp dashboard, you’ll be able to store your company documents in an organized manner and keep an eye on your compliance schedule;
  • Client-centered support: With an InCorp, you’ll be assigned a personal help rep that will be aware of your business situation and always in contact with you to answer your questions and provide the assistance you need. It’s y far the biggest InCorp’s claim to fame;
  • Bulk discounts: By signing with InCorp for a few years at once or using the service in a few states, you’ll enjoy a nice discount for Arizona registered agent. Thus, a five-year subscription will cost only $87 per annum.


As for the disadvantages:

  • Lower focus on filing services: While positioned as an LLC service, InCorp is rather a mailing rep service, given the benefits it offers in this aspect. And the filing service gets much less attention. There is a single baseline formation pack at $99 that you could further complete with added services to your liking. Though an overall approach is quite reasonable, you might end up paying over $200 for the LLC set-up;
  • Lack of brand power: The company obviously lacks the popularity of the market leaders. Due to this factor, it’s less known to the customer and lacks customer feedback and trust.


If you have a registered legal entity and look for the registered agent service in Arizona, you’ll hardly go wrong with InCorp. The company really shines in the agent service quality. However, it’s not the best option for business formation or incorporation.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent

The ZenBusiness name constantly pops up here and there and we bet you’ve seen it in multiple Best LLC Services ratings. A younger market player, which has been in the industry only since 2015, ZenBusiness is extremely popular.

The company is known for its craving for technology and innovation and smart pricing approach. Its solid market reputation is supported by an impressive customer portfolio and extensive positive customer feedback.

ZenBusiness Pluses and Minuses

Not to get into details too much, we’ll consider the key aspects that make ZenBuisiness stand out as well as the main drawbacks that mar its image a bit.

Price-to-value ratioA bit confusing agent service pricing
Outstanding representative agent service
An eye for technology


  • Price-to-value ratio: With ZenBusiness, you can register a legal entity and hire an agent service without hitting your budget too much. An all-in-one service bundle costs only $49 and covers a whole year of mail-handling service along with state filing service and even customized company bylaws;
  • Outstanding representative agent service: An agent service covers all the features you expect including immediate doc scans, easy online access to all your docs and correspondence, compliance alerts, and solid customer support;
  • An eye for technology: ZenBusiness boasts one of the best websites among the rivals. An online platform is created with the customer needs and convenience in mind, using modern technological achievements to make your online experience easy and efficient.


  • A bit confusing agent service pricing: The sign-up process will take you through multiple questions before you get to the service price. Thus, you’ll be surprised to find out that the regular $99 price for the service doesn’t cover a compliance calendar tool that comes at an added cost of $50.


ZenBusiness is an optimal choice for beginner entrepreneurs on a budget who seek complex formation or incorporation services. Yet, if you just need a mailing rep, you’d better consider some other options.

LegalZoom Registered Agent

LegalZoom is one of the oldest and most reputed market players. The company combines filing and agent services as well as provides extensive legal assistance to individuals. So, by choosing it to serve as your Arizona registered agent for service of process, you can rest assured you hire true professionals.

LegalZoom Pluses and Minuses

Let’s take a closer look at the areas and aspects where LegalZoom is really good and at those that might be offputting.

Strong brand powerHigh pricing
Excellent representative agent serviceAutomatic service prolongation
Identity theft protection
Online document storage


  • Strong brand power: Distinguished by a long track record, impressive customer loyalty, extensive customer feedback, and quality service, LegalZoom is a true industry giant;
  • Excellent representative agent service: The company delivers on its promise and provides professional service. All your mail pieces will be handled by in-house specialists, and sensitive data stays securely protected. Meanwhile, compliance reminders will help duly observe strict compliance requirements;
  • Identity theft protection: Unique LegalZoom’s feature is its $1,000.000 guarantee against identity theft ensuring that there are no chances for your confidential or personal data to be stolen or disclosed without your consent;
  • Online document storage: Once you are a LegalZoom customer, you’ll get access to unlimited cloud storage to keep all your vital papers and business documents in immediate availability and a safe place.


  • High pricing: LegalZoom is one of the most expensive formation and agent services out there. At $299, the mailing service is times pricier than competitor services and far above the market average;
  • Automatic service prolongation: Should you fail to cancel the mail-processing service subscription, you’ll be automatically charged for the next year and the fee is non-refundable.


With LegalZoom, quality services and a professional approach come at a cost. If you seek a reputed service supported by brand power and the price is a minor factor for you, you might set your eyes on LegalZoom.

Arizona Registered Agent Reviews: Final Thoughts

To cut to the chase, local assignee services appear to be more affordable and knowledgeable when it comes to the nuances of local regulations. However, none of them will cover your needs beyond Arizona. 

In the meantime, national operators offer scale, nationwide reliability, and, what’s more important, a lot of additional services helpful for business. For the national providers, our prime recommendations would be Northwest and Incorp which will both cover all your demands and match your budget.

Best Arizona Registered Agent: How We Choose

Want to know how we select the services for our reviews and if you can rely on our choice? If so, look into our methodology, and how we estimate service, and make conclusions.

Why You Can Trust Us

How would you perform the search of a mail-handling representative in Arizona? Most likely than not, you’ll use an online search and pick a random option among the top results. Those who are more scrupulous might spend more time and also check some customer reviews to choose a company supported by many praising comments.

How do we choose? The thing is that our goal is not to find a potentially good option as soon as possible. It’s rather to monitor the market and select the alternatives that will best suit customer needs. In other words, it’s our job and we treat it seriously.

With a keen eye for detail, we know what to look for that helps us quickly pinpoint the appropriate options. To compare providers, we’ll scrutinize the services they come up with, read a wealth of real customer comments, and take a look at other professional reviews.

Once we have a prime list of candidates, we’ll contact those companies and ask their managers about their services and try to talk with their former customers to see how those companies perform and if they live up to their promises.

Best Registered Agent

Choosing a Best Registered Agent is easy. Select your State to get started.

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What Stands Behind Our Choice

How do service providers get into our list of the best Arizona registered agent services? To get our attention, the companies should match certain estimation criteria that embrace the following points:

  • Scope of service provided: To be competitive and get customers hooked, many providers expand their agent service lists with added features that will help you operate your business and keep it compliant. The more valuable  “goodies” they have the better;
  • Pricing: Prices are always important, no matter the customer's budget. However, while many common users tend to be lured by lower prices, what we check is the value for money. The best option is when a reasonable price tag covers a range of useful services rather than sound promotions;
  • User convenience: Shifting their businesses online, service providers should strive to be maximum convenient for the customer. Our faves are companies with straightforward websites that offer user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and an easy sign-up process. Anything that levels up user experiences is welcomed. And anything that leaves you guessing is unacceptable;
  • Client service: Good customer service is a must-have feature for the Arizona registered agent service that claims to be professional and offers top quality. Though you let professionals do the whole job for you, you should know there is always someone on your side you can contact to get assistance, support, or ask for some related info.

These are the aspects to look for in assignees and the providers on our list match all or most of them.


If you still have questions after reading this article, here are a few most common customer questions answered.