LLC Cost In Virginia - How Much To Pay In Fees & Taxes in VA

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Last updated February 17, 2023
Written by Dmytro Kondratiev
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Formation in Virginia is pretty accommodating—it costs only $100 to register an LLC of any type. Plus, the annual cost of LLC in Virginia is only $50 for renewal that functions as the state’s annual report and has no additional fees.

You can learn more about these steps in our article on Virginia LLC formation.

Virginia LLC Online Filing Fee: $100

What forms the core cost of setting up an LLC in Virginia is the state fee of $100 that every organizer has to pay when filling the formation documents with the State Corporation Commission.

You can:

  • File them online via CIS (Clerk's Information System);
  • Submit the printed out form via mai.

How long does it take for an LLC to be approved in Virginia? The processing takes about 2-3 business days for electronic filings and up to 2 weeks for mail applications.

Virginia Annual Registration Fee

This Virginia LLC annual fee is $50. Here, companies of this type are exempt from annual reporting and related expenses and instead must pay the annual registration fee that follows the state’s assessment.

  • The payment must be submitted each year before the end of the company’s formation month;
  • Missing the deadline for this payment will lead to a $25 fine;
  • Reinstating an inactive company will cost $100 in addition to all fines and Virginia LLC filing fees that you have accumulated at that point.

Registered Agent Fee

Possibly the cheapest way to start an LLC in Virginia is to avoid professional registered agents, since the state allows you to appoint yourself or your friends and family.

This is not an ideal solution in most cases, and it’s highly recommended you work with a professional:

  • You can get a commercial Virginia registered agent for as low as $49, though it usually averages at about $99 per year;
  • You can hire an attorney or accountant for the annual rate of $150-$300;

Cost to Form a Foreign LLC in Virginia

The foreign LLC cost in Virginia is $100 per application. The process is technically the same as what you go through with domestic formations. You can learn more about eligibility from the SCC checklist.

Cost to Form a Domestic LLC in Virginia

The Virginia state filing fee for LLCs is $100. This entity must be formed in the commonwealth and follow its registration requirements, including the appointment of a registered agent who is a resident or has a physical address in the relevant jurisdiction.

Cost to Form a Protected Series LLC in Virginia

Virginia allows owners to designate a protected series, under which new LLCs can be tied to one “parent” LLC while still functioning as separate entities. An application for designation costs $100.

Cost to Form a PLLC (Professional LLC) in Virginia

Professional LLCs can be formed by owners that intend to provide qualified services. The professional LLC price in Virginia is also $100.

Business Entity Income Tax

An LLC won’t be taxed as an entity if it retains its default tax system. Note that even if your company is exempt from corporate income tax, it will still have to pay some or all of the following Virginia LLC fees:

  • Withholding tax;
  • Workers’ compensation insurance;
  • Unemployment insurance;
  • Sales and use;
  • Utility consumption.

The utility tax is calculated based on your energy usage:

  • Electricity: from $0.00155 to $0.00075 per kWh;
  • Gas: $0.0195 per 100 cubic feet.

You can find more about business entity tax on the Virginia Department of Taxation website.

Business License Renewal Fee

There is no general business license requirement. But does an LLC need a business license in Virginia in specific fields?

Various professions and occupations will likely require some form of a license or permit, with the renewal rates fluctuating between $30 and $700. You can find more about these qualifications on the DPOR website.

Franchise Tax

If you elect a C-corp tax structure for your company, your LLC will be subject to the state corporate tax of 6% (on Virginia profits). Note that other Virginia corporation filing fees may apply in this case. 

If your LLC is classified as a disregarded entity, you will pay individual tax on your share of the profits. Personal tax rates in Virginia range from 2% to 5.75% depending on the income bracket.

How much is it to get a LLC in Virginia?

Below is a brief list of basic Virginia Secretary of State filing fees.

Filing fee (Domestic, Foreign, PLLC, Protected Series)$100
Annual registration $50
Late annual registration penalty$25
Certified Copy$6
Certificate of Fact$6
Change of Name$25
Amendment of the Articles of Organization$25

Other LLC Filing Costs

On top of the main cost to register LLC in Virginia, you may encounter additional expenses that are technically optional but still fairly common:

LLC Name Reservation

Name reservations for domestic and foreign LLCs cost $10 per application. You can reserve it online or mail the official form. It’s important to remember that these names must be distinguishable, otherwise the state will reject your application.

You can reserve names for up to 120 days and file repeat applications.

“Doing Business As” (DBA) Name

Registering a fictitious name costs $10 for both entities and individuals. There are no requirements for uniqueness for these names.

Plain Document Copies

The state issues non-certified copies for free as long as the document is fewer than 25 pages. Costs apply for longer documents:

  • $0 (< 25 pages);
  • $10 (26-50 pages);
  • $20 (> 51 pages).

Certified Document Copies

Certifications are not part of the mandatory LLC fees in Virginia, but most owners will require a copy at some point. The certification costs $6 per document on top of whatever fee applies to your copies.

Certificate of Fact

In Virginia, an LLC’s existence or compliance is confirmed by the Certificate of Fact of Existence. You can request it online for $6.

Property Title Record Certificates

Property deeds are often required for mergers, conversions, name changes, and other structural changes of the company. These certificates cost $6 per document.