LLC Cost In Missouri - How Much To Pay In Fees & Taxes in MO

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Last updated February 17, 2023
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Missouri is an appealing state to start an LLC in America. In addition to having a great business environment, the local government does not require you to file annual reports and offers great tax rates, which helps you save money.

Now, your question is: How much is an LLC in Missouri соѕt? We have a concise but comprehensive answer!

How Much Does an LLC Cost in Missouri?

Standard LLC fees in Missouri will delight you with their affordability for businesses of all sizes. However, we suggest calculating how much it will cost you to establish and maintain a company in this state to fully appreciate the benefits.

Further, in this article, you will learn:

  • What mandatory Missouri LLC fees you will have to face;
  • What tax rates await you and your business in this state;
  • What additional costs may come as a surprise to you;
  • What is important to consider when calculating the cost of registering a business in the state.

Missouri LLC Online Filing Fee: $50

In fact, from the idea of starting a business to being legally allowed to operate in the state, there is only one step: filing the Articles of Organization. This document can be submitted either online or by mail to the Secretary of State.

  • Option 1: The filing option significantly affects the cost of LLC in Missouri. If you want to save money, submit the document online. It will cost you $50;
  • Option 2: If you are more used to dealing with printed forms and regular mail, be ready to splurge and pay twice as much: $105.

As you can see, online filing is the cheapest way to start an LLC in Missouri.

You can do the Articles of Organization filing yourself by following the step-by-step instructions. We've created the most succinct guide possible so that anyone starting a business can do it without outside help.

But if you don't want to waste your precious time and effort fussing with submitting paperwork, then take a look at our LLC formation services rating. This way, you can find a first-rate contractor who is willing to do all the time-consuming tasks for you.

Registered Agent (Agent of Process, Resident Agent) Fee: $0-$300

By law, business owners are required to appoint a registered agent for their LLCs. This is one of the first things you have to do because obtaining RA's consent is necessary before you even file Articles of Organization.

You have two options for handling this challenge, which will determine the LLC cost in Missouri:

  • Become a registered agent for your company. This way, you don't have to pay a salary to a specialist, but you will need to do extra work;
  • Contact RA service providers. We've created a ranking of the best companies that may be helpful to you in this regard. Check it out to find a reliable partner.

If you choose the first option, you will not spend a penny but only the time and effort that you could have spent on business development. Also, you will lose your privacy and confidentiality.

In the second case, you will need to pay $30-$300 to specialists for their services in receiving correspondence and serving the process. However, this amount can often include additional features you may need.

Local statutory agent service providers offer their assistance exclusively to domestic LLCs at a nice price of $30-$70. The larger companies will be able to help your business more comprehensively but will charge $100-$300 for their services.

Cost to Form a Foreign LLC in Missouri: $105

Already have a business in another state but want to take it to the next level? Register your company as a foreign LLC in Missouri! The process won't be much different than forming a new company in the state. 

The first question you may be wondering is: How much does a foreign LLC cost in Missouri? Reviewing the application to register a foreign limited liability company (Form 000-4) will cost you $105.

For a new foreign LLC, you will also need to appoint a registered agent. So, feel free to add a specialist fee to the rest of the Missouri LLC fees at once.

Missouri Annual Report Fee: $0

Most states require LLCs to file annual reports. While no one wants to waste time and energy filling out the extra paperwork, it also imposes an obligation on business owners to pay the annual LLC fee in Missouri.

The good news is that Missouri (one of the few states in the U.S.) does not expect business owners to pay annual commissions for reviewing additional documents.

While business owners in other states pay $50-250 a year to file an annual report, business people in Missouri have the opportunity to save significantly.

Cost to Form a Series LLC in Missouri: $50

Missouri officials are offering businesses to establish series LLCs in the state.

  1. You can do it online. Visit the Secretary of State's website, fill out the required information, and pay the Missouri LLC filing fee of $50;
  2. You can also use traditional mail if you don't feel comfortable with online filing. By the way, this will increase your LLC cost in Missouri: $105.

Along with this, don't forget to fill out the mandatory Attachment creating a Series of a Series Limited Liability Company. Find this form here: LLC 1A. It's easy to fill out, as there are tips in the file.

Cost to Form a PLLC in Missouri: $50

Although there are no specific laws in the state, which govern the operation of PLLCs, professional service firms can still legitimize their activities.

Thus, registering a PLLC boils down to a regular LLC formation. Prices also remain the same: $50 for online filling and $105 for submitting the documents by mail. Next, you only need to get the required licenses.

Missouri LLC Tax Requirements

LLC owners may choose the taxation scheme that will bring the most benefits to the business. These can be taxation by type of partnership, C or S corporations, or sole proprietorship.

Depending on the scheme you choose, you will deal with different types of taxes. Most often, you'll encounter: 

  • Self-employment tax on business profits: 15.3%;
  • State income tax: 4.0%;
  • Sales and Use Tax (if you sell physical goods): 4.2% minimum.

Consult with a lawyer to determine the most appropriate tax structure for your business. This will significantly affect the final cost of LLC in Missouri.

Licenses for LLCs in Missouri 

It is impossible to calculate a one-size-fits-all amount that is needed to obtain licenses in the state. Each business is a unique formation and will need varying types of permits.

You will probably need to obtain licenses at three levels:

  • Federal level:
  • State level;
  • County/Local level.

Contact an experienced attorney to help you legitimize your business without leaving out a single detail. 

Other LLC Filing Costs

Want to know how much an LLC costs in Missouri? Don't forget to add extra expenses, which are often overlooked to be included in the total cost. 

LLC Name Reservation Fee: $25

Already decided on a name for your future company but are not yet ready for registration? What if someone snatches the name away while you're contemplating? These fears are easily dispelled by the name reservation option.

You can reserve a company name for up to 60 days. But if even at that point you're not ready to file your Articles of Organization, extend the reservation for another 180 days max.

The application is sent to the Secretary of State. Filing this simple document will only cost you $25.

"Doing Business As (DBA) Name Registration Fee: $7

If you feel the necessity of registering a fictitious name for your company, you will be faced with additional but not burdensome LLC fees in Missouri. 

The cost of DBA registration won't blow your budget because the price for such a service is only $7

Certified Document Copies in Missouri: $10

Need to get your documents certified? Don't forget to include those LLC fees in Missouri on the final amount.

Each certified document will cost $10 for business owners.

Certificate of Good Standing in Missouri: $10

You can order a Certificate of Good Standing if:

  • You meet all state requirements;
  • You are paying your taxes on time;
  • You are doing legitimate business in the state. 

This document is like an honors diploma as it shows how good you are at running a business. Business owners have several options for applying: phone, email, online, or traditional mail.

Choose the most convenient option for you because the filing fee will be $10 anyway. So, it won't have a huge impact on the final LLC cost in Missouri.

This document will help with obtaining insurance, business credit, and a bank account for your company. 

How Much Is an LLC in Missouri?

We've compiled all the LLC fees in Missouri and combined them in a table to help you calculate the approximate basic costs for your business. Note! In the table, we've used online filing prices because that's the cheapest way to start an LLC in Missouri.

Domestic LLC Filing Fee$50
Registered Agent (Agent of Process, Resident Agent) Fee$0-$300
Foreign LLC Filing Fee$105
Annual Report Fee-
Series LLC Filing Fee$50
PLLC Filing Fee$50
LLC Tax Requirements Depends on the specifics of your business
Licenses for LLCs Depends on the specifics of your business
Name Reservation Fee$25
“Doing Business As” (DBA) NameRegistration Fee$7
Certified Document Copies $10
Certificate of Good Standing$10


Missouri attracts aspiring business people to incorporate companies in the state. In addition to the relatively low LLC fees in Missouri, the authorities have created an excellent environment for convenient business management. 

Typically, the process of registering and maintaining a company is overly bureaucratic. But in this state, you will be required to file only the most important paperwork and will not be forced to constantly fumble with documents. 

The fewer legal requirements the state asks you to meet, the lower the final LLC cost you get.