LLC Cost In Oklahoma - How Much To Pay In Fees & Taxes in OK

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Last updated February 17, 2023
Written by Dmytro Kondratiev
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When launching a new business, you’ll have quite a number of tasks to accomplish, issues to tackle, and routines to complete. So, even if you know how to start an LLC in Oklahoma, having a comprehensive guide on costs will never go amiss.

We’ve scrutinized the payments related to setting up a limited liability company in Oklahoma up and running and laid them down for you in a well-organized manner to minimize your startup hassles.

How Much Does an LLC Cost in Oklahoma?

A limited liability company requires state registration that will entail statutory payments in its turn. LLC payments are state-specific since this type of legal entity is regulated by state laws.

Many beginner entrepreneurs associate the cost of forming an LLC in Oklahoma with a state filing fee. Yet, the final price is not limited by this fee only. It will be rather a sum of multiple costs that appear to be a bit different for different business scenarios and situations.

To make the whole thing easier and more comprehensible for you, we’ve already done the separation legwork and come up with two groups of costs you’ll encounter:

  • Essential costs or those pertinent to pretty much any LLC registration;
  • Optional costs or those that are determined by any additional services you may need or services related to some specific business circumstances.
State filing fee$100
Foreign LLC filing fee$300
Annual report $25
Registered agent change fee$25
Name reservation $10
Certificate of Status$20
DBA Name$25
Certified document copies$10 per doc + $1 per page
LLC amendment rate$50
LLC dissolution rate$50

Essential Oklahoma LLC Costs

These are primary expenses you’ll have to take into account at the registration stage and right afterward. Some of them will appear only once while others will become your regular operational payments.

Knowing what is waiting for you ahead, you’ll be able to duly budget your costs and properly schedule them.

Oklahoma LLC Filing Fee: $100

Your prime cost is a filing fee. In Oklahoma, the state fee for LLC registration is $100. You’ll have to pay it to the Secretary of State for reviewing and approving your Articles of Organization.

The Articles of Organization will be your major LLC doc. Though generic by nature and covering pretty basic company info, this instrument legalizes your business entity and empowers it as an independent business form.

It’s the Articles of Organization or the company statute that activates all the benefits and privileges offered by the LLC structure.

In OK, you can file your formation docs online or by mail. Online filings are quite fast and are normally approved within 1-2 business days. Mailed filings are usually processed within 7 business days and will take about two more weeks to get back to you by mail.

Registered Agent in Oklahoma: $0 - $150

A registered agent (RA) is the core element of any LLC. Performing a mail handling function for your company, this role serves as a contact point between your LLC and government structures and stands guard over your company’s compliance.

An RA price is directly determined by who you appoint to fulfill this function. Thus, by serving your own agent or designating some of your relatives or friends, you can get an RA for free.

By choosing to delegate this function to an attorney or your accountant or to hire a professional service for that purpose, you’ll have to pay some fee.

Our best recommendation would be that you assign one of the Oklahoma registered agent services for this job. They offer a professional approach, due diligence, and affordable prices to match any budget.

Oklahoma Annual Certificate: $25

Though less strictly controlled and monitored than corporations, LLCs in Oklahoma still have some rules to follow to stay compliant with the state and maintain their legitimacy. One such rule is an annual certificate.

It’s a state report an LLC should provide to the Secretary of State each year before the end of its formation month. You can file online via the Secretary of State’s website or send a completed report form by mail. The filing fee is $25.

Again, online filings are much faster than mailed ones taking only about 1 to 2 days. Meanwhile, a mailing method will keep you waiting for weeks.

Foreign LLC Cost in Oklahoma: $300

If you already have an existing LLC that was formed in another state and want to move or expand your business to Oklahoma, you don’t have to dissolve an entity in another state and register it from scratch in OK.

It’s enough to get a foreign qualification or register a foreign LLC in Oklahoma to make your entity legitimate in this jurisdiction. 

To foreign qualify, simply file an Application for Foreign Registration with the Secretary of State and pay a processing fee of $300.

Professional LLC Cost in Oklahoma: $100 + Licensing Fee

If you organize an LLC in Oklahoma to ensure some sort of professional licensed service in the state, you can register a PLLC.

Normally, PLLCs in the state are established by licensed or certified professionals such as:

  • Doctors, physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, dentists;
  • Physical therapists, psychologists, registered nurses;
  • Veterinarians;
  • Attorneys, lawyers, public accountants;
  • Architects, engineers, land surveyors;
  • Audiologists, dietitians;
  • Pharmacists, alcohol and drug counselors, etc.

Oklahoma has by far the longest list of professions that require licensing to provide services in compliance with the law.

The cost of the PLLC comprises the standard $100 state filing fee and a license registration fee. The latter varies by county and municipality. So, you’ll have to check for it locally.

Business Licenses and Permits in Oklahoma: Locality-Bound Fees

Licensing is a part and parcel of pretty much any business nationwide. Each state has its set of permissive documents for the companies to have to stay legitimate and compliant. Oklahoma is not an exception to this legal tradition.

Fortunately, the state doesn't require LLCs to get a general license to launch and operate in its jurisdiction. At the same time, counties, municipalities, and towns have their own licensing rules in addition to state requirements.

The most common types of licenses and permits you might need to register in OK include:

  • City business license;
  • Building permit;
  • Zoning permit;
  • Liquor license;
  • Alcohol and tobacco permit;
  • Seller or reseller permit;
  • Sales and use tax permit, etc.

To get a complete list of permissive documents you need for your Oklahoma LLC, contact the OK Department of Commerce. And for local licensing regulations, check with your county clerk’s office.

Licensing fees vary both locally and by industry. So, there is no single registration fee. Depending on the type of permit you need, the price might vary from about $10 to a few thousand dollars.

Oklahoma LLC Taxes

To be able to look into your operational business costs, you should be aware of the taxes your future LLC will incur in the state:

  • Pass-through LLCs are exempt from paying income taxes at a state level. Company profits will be taxed after distribution to its members under their personal tax rates that range from 0.25% to 4.75% depending on the amount;
  • LLCs taxed as C-Corps will be obliged to pay corporate income taxes at a flat rate of 4%;
  • Owners of a standard LLC are considered self-employed in the eyes of the state and should pay a 15.3% self-employment tax;
  • The statewide sales tax rate in OK is 4.5%. With a maximum local sales tax rate of 7%, an average rate results in 8.97% across the state;
  • LLCs hiring employees will have to pay payroll taxes on their wages. The rates range from 0.25% and 4.75%, with the highest rate applicable to salaries above $7.200.

Optional Oklahoma LLC Costs

The above-mentioned essential costs are appropriate for all LLCs that seek to be duly registered and maintained. Yet, there are more to come. Either at the formation stage or at some point in operating your business afterward, you might need added services.

Those services are optional and are one-off items that can pop up on your to-do list depending on your business needs.

Business Name Reservation in OK: $10

Naming an LLC is a law-regulated process. A future company name should match certain state rules to be lawful in the jurisdiction. Hence, once you hit the spot with a name that is distinguishable and available in OK, you can reserve it.

Oklahoma allows legal entities to put the desired name on hold for a 60-day period upon filing the Name Reservation Form and paying a $10 fee to the state.

DBA Name Registration in OK: $25

One of the LLC benefits is that you can use the company structure for different business lines, brands, and product series by simply registering separate DBA (doing business as) names.

The best thing is that you can register multiple DBAs or fictitious names different from your LLC’s registered name to match various business needs. This will help you grow your business without handling the hassles of multiple LLCs.

DBA registration in Oklahoma is about filing a Trade Name Report and paying a $25 fee. Note that each name calls for separate filing.

Certificate of Fact in OK: $20

What is called a certificate of good standing in other states is a certificate of fact in Oklahoma. The document states that your company complies with the state rules and is eligible to do business in Oklahoma.

It is issued by the Secretary of State at your request, whenever you need to verify your good standing status. Most often, it’s required by banks and financial institutions that provide supportive financing to businesses. The filing fee is $20.

Certified Document Copies in OK: $10

Most often than not, LLC formation documents are stored in electronic form, especially if you file online. However, you might need a certified hard copy of your LLC statute, certificate of fact, Articles of Amendment, or a DBA certificate.

You can order that copy from the Secretary of State by paying $10 for a document sample and $1 per document page.

Articles of Amendment in OK: $50

If you decide to change your company name at some point and need to change a registered business address, replace a registered agent, or make changes in the member structure, you should file amendments to your Oklahoma LLC Statute.

You can file the Articles of Amendment via the OK Secretary of State’s online portal by paying a $50 fee.

Articles of Dissolution in OK: $50

To legally terminate your business activity under the LLC structure, you should officially dissolve your limited liability company.

Though an entity will be administratively dissolved if you don’t file annual reports for three years, it’s not the best route to follow. It might negatively impact your business history and good standing status if you decide to restate your LLC.
To close an LLC in Oklahoma, it’s enough to file the Articles of Dissolution with the Secretary of State and pay a $50 fee.