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Last updated February 17, 2023
Written by Dmytro Kondratiev
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Registered agent for LLC in Oklahoma is an official representative of your company who will receive and process your legal mail addressed by:

  • State authorities;
  • Government agencies;
  • Public organizations.

By receiving your mail and immediately forwarding crucial letters to you, an agent safeguards your business compliance with the state and helps you maintain its legitimacy and retain a decent business reputation.

Your Oklahoma Registered Agent Search: Your Options

Your RA should meet the following requirements:

  • Adult individual over 18 years of age, with no limitations on educational or professional background;
  • A legal entity with no requirements on the type of activity performed;
  • An individual should have a registered street address in Oklahoma, no P.O. boxes are accepted;
  • A legal entity should be legally entitled to run business in Oklahoma;
  • An agent should be permanently available under the registered address during business hours.

Registered Agent Oklahoma Search: Our Local Suggestions

Local companies operate only within the state for local businesses. Though typically these are smaller firms, they have two distinct pluses:

  • Better knowledge of the local market and better command of local laws;
  • Lower pricing and more affordable rates to match the local averages.

If you open a small private company that will rather operate locally, check the options that we’ve found for this jurisdiction.

Registered Agent in Oklahoma City, OK

Located in the biggest city of the state is the eponymous Oklahoma Registered Agent. The company is specialized in state-specific agent services and filing assistance and knows all ins and outs of Oklahoma state laws.

The representative service with this provider will cost $49 a year, which is nearly twice cheaper than the average price offered by national operators. What you’ll get for the price is:

  • Protected online account with easy signup and instant remote access;
  • Same-day document scans made available to you to keep an eye on urgent and essential issues;
  • Compliance calendar to track your filing and reporting dates and diligently observe the state requirements;
  • Timely reporting reminders and alerts to prevent overdue;
  • State forms and document templates pre-filled with your Oklahoma agent info;
  • Helpful links to the state agency websites such as Oklahoma Secretary of State, Department of Revenue, and Licensing Department.

Oklahoma Registered Agent can also act as your business formation or incorporation assistant in the state and set up your LLC or corporation within only 2 days.

Besides, at $100, their formation service covers the features that are payable extras in other providers such as a free draft of the Operating Agreement, annual report reminders, and tax assistance.

Registered Agent in Tulsa, OK

If you’ve ever thought of hiring a lawyer to be your agent in Oklahoma, consider the FFQGR+W lawyer company from Tusla. A team of professional attorneys and legal advisors specializes in different legal areas including the following:

  • Bankruptcy;
  • Business transactions;
  • Contracts and commercial transactions;
  • Employment;
  • Estate planning;
  • Product and professional liabilities;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Insurance coverage;
  • Securities and litigation. 

With an office in Tulsa, the company also offers agent services to its business clients. You’ll have a personal assistant that will handle your mail on your behalf and will be ready to help with compliance issues and document forwarding.

While there are no service fees on the company website, they promise favorable payment conditions different from a common annual subscription. So, contact them to get your personalized quote.

Top 4 Best Registered Agent Services Oklahoma: National Operators

Most options that will pop up on the list when doing a registered agent search in Oklahoma are the so-called national agent service providers. These are companies that operate across the US and will get you covered in any state.

Below, we’ve selected a few national agent service operators we deem the best among a variety of other market players.

1. Northwest Registered Agent

Cost: $125 a year

Northwest has been around for years and is a popular name in the industry. The company is a top-liner in many ratings and is a leader in our agent service reviews as well.

Northwest Pluses and Minuses

To show how Northwest performs and why it gains a top position on our list, let’s take a close look at its strong and weak points and how they compare.

Premium dedicated agent serviceOver-the-odds client support 
In-house agent network
Smart pricing strategy
Thought-out data protection
Outstanding customer support


  • Premium dedicated service.

Northwest offers truly premium agent service that covers all of the top-of-the-line features you expect such as immediate document scans, filing alerts, a compliance calendar, and a user-friendly online account;

  • In-house agent network.

Northwest has a registered address and an affiliate office in all 50 states and doesn’t outsource its agent services to any third parties;

  • Smart pricing strategy.

This provider hits the spot with the “value-for-money” approach. Their agent service costs $125 as a one-time item and comes included for free in the Northwest formation packs that are also priced below the market average rates;

  • Thought-out data protection.

With Northwest, your private data and sensitive documents will be securely protected and unaccessible to hackers and scammers online;

  • Outstanding customer support.

Northwest has made customer support its major forte and standout feature. Not only do they have a team of well-trained and knowledgeable help reps that will provide every bit of assistance you need but also they have a unique group of corporate guides. No other competitor offers this. Corporate guides are real-life specialists from different industries, business areas, and spheres that will be at your disposal when you need more attention and seek help in some specific issues.


  • Over-the-odds client service.

Professional Northwest help managers are trained to provide complex support and dig to the root of the problem to solve any situation. However, should you need a quick and simple answer to some minor question, get ready to experience the same approach. Surely enough, it’s a minor drawback and not even a minus.  


Northwest is ranked number one on our list for the quality of service it delivers and the impeccable customer support it boasts. Besides, this provider performs equally great both in agent service and in filing service.

2. InCorp Registered Agent

Cost: $129 a year (possible discounts)

You might be a bit surprised to pinpoint InCorp and see it taking the runner-up position. However, if you delve into details, you’ll see that this provider has a lot to offer and is deservedly on our list.

InCorp Pluses and Minuses

To demonstrate all the benefits you’ll get with InCorp agent service, let’s stack them up against the minuses the company has.

Excellent online safetyAgent service-centered provider
Ongoing management assistanceLow popularity
Customer-focused supportHigher service cost
Volume discounts


  • Excellent online safety.

The Entity Watch technology ensures the ultimate online security for your document scans and private info. It works to eliminate the risk of identity theft and is a free option that comes with your agent subscription. Besides, this tool has an inbuilt compliance tracking option that will consistently check your company’s status in business and state databases;

  • Ongoing management assistance.

The Entity Management software is yet another digital tool incorporated into your personalized InCorp dashboard to help you efficiently organize your document storage and create your individual compliance schedule with reminders on vital dates;

  • Customer-focused support.

What distinguishes InCorp’s help center from competitors is that each client is assigned a personal help assistant. Each time you are about to contact the service center, you’ll get in touch with the same person that is already aware of your business situation and will find a solution faster and in a more efficient manner;

  • Volume discounts.

A regular statutory agent service price with InCorp is $129, which is nearly the same as the Northwest rate. However, by purchasing a multi-year subscription, you can save a lot. Thus, within a 5-year subscription, you’ll pay only $87 a year;


  • Agent service-centered provider.

While the representative service is at the core of InCorp’s activity, it feels like the formation service somewhat lacks attention. Thus, you won’t find diversity in pre-bundled formation packs and the list of related services is not as elaborate as the agent’s menu;

  • Higher service cost.

InCorp has a single basic formation pack that you can further extend by adding separate service options from the one-off service list. Yet, at $99, a baseline pack is already quite pricey, and added services will further bump up the final cost;

  • Low popularity.

Lacking brand power and popularity, the company is less recognizable among customers and has lower feedback rates.


If you look for a discount registered agent in Oklahoma, you can’t go wrong with InCorp. The agent service they offer is really up to par and you can considerably save on long-term cooperation.

3. ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Cost: $99 a year

ZenBusiness is a widely advertised service that has been on the market for only a bit more than 7 years yet boasts the popularity that many old-timers could only envy. With over 5,000 customer reviews online, the company has an impressive client portfolio and hits the top in many “Best LLC Service” ratings.

ZenBusiness Pluses and Minuses

Recognized as one of the best formation and incorporation services, ZenBusiness is not the best among agent services. Here is why.

Bargain pricesLower experience
Affordable agent serviceTricky pricing approach
Advanced website


  • Bargain prices.

At $49, ZenBusiness offers full-scale formation covering filing service, company bylaws, and an annual agent service subscription;

  • Affordable registered agent.

At $99, ZenBusiness representative service is fairly affordable, especially taking into account the options it embraces. Secure online access, same-day document scans, mailing alerts, and compliance reminders are included; 

  • Advanced website.

ZenBusiness’s website is one of the best in the industry. You’ll enjoy an intuitive signup process, easy navigation, a user-friendly interface, and a lot of helpful content provided for free.


  • Lower experience.

Still relatively young in this market, ZenBusiness somewhat lacks the professional expertise and deep knowledge that comes with it; 

  • Tricky pricing approach.

When it comes to the agent service, you won’t find a subscription fee anywhere on the ZenBusiness website. You’ll have to get into the signup process first which will take you through a number of questions and you’ll figure out the price at some stage. Besides, you’ll be surprised to learn that a compliance calendar is not a free option as claimed but a payable add-on that will cost $50.


ZenBusiness is a choice for entrepreneurs on a budget that rather seek formation assistance. At an affordable price, you’ll tick all boxes on your to-do list and get a whole year of agent service for free. Yet, if you just need a mail-handling service, it’s not the best option to go for.   

4. LegalZoom Registered Agent Service

Cost: $299 a year

LegalZoom is an industry giant backed by a strong reputation and decades of expertise. The company boasts outstanding brand power that sells it on customers and offers high professionalism in everything. 

Notably, apart from agent and formation services, LegalZoom has a whole range of legal services for individuals that further contributes to its business image.

LegalZoom Pluses and Minuses

Is the company really that good? And is its agent service worth the hype around the brand name? Let’s consider.

Hard-to-beat brand powerHigh service rates
Premium representative serviceAutomatic service renewal
Identity theft protection
Online document depot.


  • Hard-to-beat brand power.

The company’s brand power is defined by its long track record, extensive customer feedback, popularity, and recognizability. LegalZoom really excels in this;

  • Premium representative service.

With LegalZoom’s agent service, you can rest assured you’ll get a professional approach and high-quality assistance. All features to be on the premium service list are in place including simple online access, compliance support, and excellent client service;

  • Identity theft protection.

Exclusive LegalZoom’s $1,000.000 identity theft guarantee, which ensures the highest level of data protection we’ve seen, further adds scores to the company’s reputation;

  • Online document depot.

Unlike other services ensuring limited document storage enough for keeping only essential docs, LegalZoom gives access to an unrestricted online depot enabling you to store all your papers and data in a secure place.


  • High service rates.

At $299, LegalZoom's agent service is far too expensive. And even minor discounts don’t help here;

  • Automatic service renewal.

Once you sign up with the service, it will be renewed automatically each year, unless you sign off in advance. Accordingly, you’ll be charged a full year each time, and that payment is non-refundable.


LegalZoom is what we call a big brand or premium service. While certainly, it lives up to this title, it might fit you only if you are ready to pay quite a bit of extra money for premium quality.

Oklahoma Registered Agent Reviews: Quick Summary

If you’d ask us, our best recommendation is Northwest, which literally has it all. Feature-packed agent service comes hand in hand with excellent and unique customer support. And the service cost won’t hit your budget.

InCorp is also a decent choice for existing businesses that seek to change a registered agent in Oklahoma. While not the best formation helper, InCorp boasts advanced agent service.  

Advantages of Oklahoma Registered Agent Services

By reserving the RA job for yourself, you’ll save some funds and rest assured no one will have access to your sensitive or confidential mail.

On the other hand, you’ll have to disclose your personal data to the general public and be bound to your registered address most of the work day. That’s not to mention a great risk of missed mail due to shifting your attention to other business matters.

In the meantime, the best registered agent service Oklahoma offers a number of pluses:

  • Data security: Not only your individual info will be kept away from public registries but also all of your data will be securely protected from unauthorized disclosure and identity theft;  
  • Reliability: Dedicated to performing the agent role, professional services will organize your legal mail processing in the best possible manner;
  • Stability: Agent services have representative offices that stay in place under their registered addresses. They are unlikely to move anywhere and are consistently open during normal business hours to receive your mail or express packs;
  • Wide availability: Most agent companies have affiliates in all 50 states which means they can cover your agent needs in Oklahoma and anywhere outside the state. It’s a big plus if you plan to expand your business.

Best Oklahoma Registered Agent: How We Make up Our List

To come up with the best options on the market, we do extensive research and rate our “candidates” under the following criteria.

Service Features

We check the scope of service ensured by each provider. Leading operators cannot be limited by basic options, they should include value-added extras that get them higher on our list. Thus, along with performing standard mailing rep functions, a company should also:

  • Send filing reminders and compliance alerts;
  • Ensure efficient privacy guarantees;
  • Handle formations and filings;
  • Provide tax assistance, etc.

Service Value

The cost of service means a lot and lower-priced services look more attractive. Yet, we don’t hunt for low prices. We prioritize the value-for-money principle.

The best choice is when the agent service subscription comes at a reasonable price and covers a wide range of useful functions.

Service Usability 

Since all agent services offer online access, assessing the ease of the signup process and the overall online convenience of agent providers in Oklahoma is important.

The service user should put minimum effort when registering an account and ordering the service, no matter their background.

Best Registered Agent

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Customer Support

Though many customers never contact client support, all business situations are different and there are certain problems that call for professional assistance. Hence, customer support should have the following qualities:

  • Accessible;
  • Knowledgeable;
  • Courteous;
  • Responsive;
  • Well-trained.

Northwest which tops our best Oklahoma registered agent for service of process list ticks the boxes on all the above aspects and combines all the features you expect in a professional Oklahoma representative agent in a very balanced manner.