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Last updated February 17, 2023
Written by Dmytro Kondratiev
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North Dakota best registered agent

North Dakota law states that every business entity formed in the state should have a registered agent. Limited liability companies come under this act. So, it is imperative for the owner to comply with this requirement.

The agent's job is to accept important documents on behalf of the firm, including annual reports, tax returns, and other business letters. Therefore, conduct a North Dakota registered agent search and choose the best one among reliable services in 2022.

Who Can Be A Registered Agent for an LLC in North Dakota

There are two ways an owner can go when it comes to appointing an RA: 

  1. You can become an agent. This option is beneficial if you want to save money. In this case, there is no need to pay anyone;
  2. You can turn to an agency. By getting North Dakota registered agent services from a third-party company, the owner offloads these responsibilities.

Thus, owners should weigh all the pros and cons before deciding whether they want to become their own agents.

If the owner conducts business in multiple states, has an irregular work schedule, or needs to maintain confidentiality, we recommend hiring an agent.

Best Registered Agent Services in North Dakota

The choice of a North Dakota registered agent for service of process should be based on research of potential partners to be sure that one can be trusted to control correspondence. Otherwise, unmet responsibilities can cause legal consequences.

Registered Agent in Bismarck, North Dakota

Bismarck is the second largest city and the state’s capital. Here, business owners can find a lot of professional RA service offerings. Here are some of them:

  • Clevver. This North Dakota's registered agent service includes mail processing and digitization. This firm is state-accredited. The RA package costs $119 a year;
  • IncCorp. Their office is located in Bismarck. The cooperation with this provider if you sign a long-term contract is $87 per year. A 1-year partnership is $129;
  • MyUSAcorporation. This company is not as well-known as the previous options, but its office is also located in the state capital. The RA services can be ordered for $99.

Registered Agent in Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo is by far the largest city in the state with a population of over 120 thousand people. Here, business owners will also be able to find offers from qualified providers:

  • Harbor Compliance. You can get up to 5% off if their agent is hired for 2 years or more. The standard price is $99 per year;
  • North Dakota Registered Agent™. By signing a contract with this service, the owner gets an agent's assistance for $49 per year;
  • AAA North Dakota Registered Agent LLC. The annual fee with this company is $30 and can be called the cheapest on the market.  

National Registered Agent Providers

Now let’s check the best service providers who operate in all 50 states.

Northwest Registered Agent

Cost: $125 per year

This provider is well established and considered one of the longest-standing and largest on the market. It offers services in all states of the USA. Its main office is located in Spokane.


  • Experience. The team employs experts who understand what businesses need. The service is highly regarded among startups and small agencies;
  • Cost and packages. The RA service costs $125. If you hire an agent for 5 states or more, the cost will be $100 per state;
  • Online platform. On the website, clients will not only be able to order an RA service but also get valuable information about forming a limited liability company;
  • Customer support. Together with RA service, firm owners receive corporate guides who are ready to share their experience and provide answers to difficult questions.


  • Limited mail forwarding. Northwest promises to deliver your legal mail. But there will be a surcharge for business mail if it exceeds 5 documents per year.


The provider has received high scores online for its performance as a national registered agent. For example, the service received a 4.7 on Google and was accredited by the BBB with an A grade.

LegalZoom Registered Agent

Cost: $299 per year

LegalZoom specializes in legal assistance, but it also provides RA services to its clients. The company was included in our rating because it is highly rated online.


  • Experience. The provider has helped 2 million entrepreneurs open LLCs. Today, LegalZoom is a recognizable brand that gives a 100% guarantee on RA service; 
  • Protection. By signing a contract with this provider, the customer receives up to one million dollars in insurance money against identity theft;
  • Online platform. The site is convenient to work with. It has everything the user needs: prices, descriptions of services, and more;
  • Return Guarantee. Customers can request a refund within 60 days if LegalZoom's services haven't met expectations;
  • Support. The provider tries to do everything to make sure that every client is satisfied. Therefore, the consultants' working hours on weekends are 7:00-16:00.


  • Cost. LegalZoom has only one RA service option, and it costs $299.


On average, the service is rated 4.5 on ranking sites. Even so, North Dakota registered agent reviews are often controversial.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Cost: $199 per year

ZenBusiness is a young and promising company that has been trying to make life easier for young entrepreneurs since 2015.


  • Experience. The company has more than 300,000 clients. The most popular features are LLC formation and North Dakota Secretary of State registered agents;
  • Discounts and pricing. ZenBusiness offers one of 3 registration plans with prices ranging from $49 to $299 (and a 25% discount on RA assistance along with them);
  • Special Offers. Get more if you invite a friend or become a member of an affiliate program (a $25 discount for two people and a personalized discount on the plans);
  • Online platform. ZenBusiness website is convenient. There is a lot of useful information: articles, tips, and other information;
  • Charity. ZenBusiness is a socially conscious company that helps get out of poverty and supports several charities;
  • Support. This provider has proven to be an excellent customer service provider. You can get in touch with the representatives by phone, e-mail, or chat.


  • Functionality. Unfortunately, RA service is not included in the tariff plans of the provider. So, it will have to be purchased as an add-on.


Customers often say that this is the best registered agent service North Dakota and bravely recommend the company to others. As a result, ZenBusiness gets a 4.7 - 4.9 out of a possible 5 on a variety of rating sites. Also, the provider has been accredited by the BBB.

IncFile Registered Agent

Cost: $119 a year 

IncFile began its operations in 2004 and has served over 800 thousand companies across the United States. Today, the provider is one of the top 10 reliable services that focus on quality and compliance.


  • Experience. This provider has 18 years of experience and offers affordable prices;
  • Price: The first year of RA service will cost customers nothing. After 365 days from signing the contract, IncFile estimates its help at $119 a year;
  • Online platform. The site looks like an information portal with many different tools for business owners (e.g., name generator, corporate tax calculator, and more);
  • Simplicity and speed. It takes just a few minutes to request an RA service. They promise to respond quickly to requests. Judging by the reviews, they succeed.


  • No extended support hours. Unfortunately, this is one of the few drawbacks, which is insignificant;
  • Refunds. The service has a cancellation system, but it's quite confusing.


If you perform a registered agent North Dakota search based on reviews from customers, you will be completely satisfied with the comments about IncFile. Although the provider also gets negative feedback on rating sites, the overall score is 4.6 out of a possible 5.

Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent

Cost: $149.99 per year

Rocket Lawyer is a California law firm that was opened in 2008. It can also boast quality agent services. Its experience isn't as rich as that of previous providers, but it's still a great option for those who want to get legal services as well.


  • Cost. Rocket Lawyer provide registered agent services North Dakota for $149.99. A 25% discount is available if the client signs up for a membership;
  • Support service. The firm's managers respond quickly to incoming phone calls, but it will take them a little longer to process emails;
  • Simplicity and speed. Rocket Lawyer offers only a few packages for cooperation, which makes it easy to choose one; 
  • Refunds. If the customers are not satisfied with the service, they can cancel it and request a refund. 


  • RA assistance is not included in packages. The statutory agent is a stand-alone service.


The provider keeps a positive impression of itself if you check out the rating sites. In addition, it has accreditation with the BBB.

Harbor Compliance Registered Agent

Cost: $99 a year 

This is another company that would be suitable for both multistate business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. This firm is not as experienced as its competitors. It started 10 years ago as an RA service provider, but it can still be recommended for cooperation.


  • Cost and savings. A business gets an RA for $99 a year with a 365-day contract. Contracts of 2 years or more will give you a discount of -5% to 10%;
  • Support. Many customers call the service department first class. And as practice shows, they try to solve any problems quickly;
  • Add-ons. Unlike its competitors, the work of a Harbor Compliance registered agent is based on software. It allows agents to work more efficiently.


  • Packages. Even though the business formation package includes RA service, the offering seems quite expensive. The minimum package will cost $399.


Customer reviews about RA assistance are gratifying. We can't miss the fact that Harbor Compliance is accredited with the BBB.

InCorp Registered Agent

Cost: $129 per year

InCorp, the nation's fourth largest service, began operating back in 1998. It has more than 250,000 clients and many other strengths to its credit.


  • Cost. Signing a one-year contract, you'll get a standard price of $129. But there are also discounts. By ordering 5 years of services, the owner will pay $87 a year;
  • Support. Email, website chat, or phone are the three channels for contacting InCorp. Whichever one the customers choose, they will receive the same quality service;
  • Add-ons. If you are running a North Dakota business registered agent search in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, InCorp can help with that as well;
  • App. The service has an Entity Management System app for iOS devices that helps with business management.


  • Online platform. The site is a bit complicated to use and makes it difficult to find the information needed.


Despite the fact that InCorp is accredited with the BBB, we have found reviews on rating sites to be mixed.

Registered Agent Review: General Conclusions

Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness offer excellent value for money. The price of these providers beats only IncFile, offering owners the use of its features for free in the first year of cooperation.

For those looking for brand and legal help, LegalZoom is worth a look. But the company's prices are quite high.

Rocket Lawyer offers a lower price on RA assistance + the ability to request attorneys' help. And Harbor Compliance and InCorp, in addition to their bargain prices for registered agent service, stand out for their software products that help with compliance.

Benefits of Using a North Dakota Registered Agent Service

Any company will have to conduct a North Dakota registered agent search for corporations and LLCs because it is prescribed in state law. Without the appointment of RA, the company cannot be formed as a legal entity.

Therefore, the agent is required: 

  • Not to miss important correspondence;
  • To maintain compliance and reputation;
  • To preserve confidentiality.

Best Registered Agent Review: How Do We Choose        

To choose the best North Dakota registered agent, you will have to analyze all the options available on the market. And this will take a lot of time because you can find more than 60 offers online.

To do so, you would have to compile a list of candidates, compare prices and services, read online reviews and ratings, choose the best options, and call each one to confirm the details. That's a hard task!

Why You Can Trust Our Choice

We are an independent company dedicated to making it easy for young entrepreneurs to find an RA. We research and analyze every possible offer.

But why do we do it? LLC.SERVICES is a project of Dmytro Kondratiev, who used to be a budding businessman. Just like you, he was faced with the task of forming his first LLC. Like every newcomer, he had a lot of questions.

So, understanding how important information support is for startups and small businesses, Dmytro decided to create a site where people could find valuable information about starting a business and everything that comes with it.

How We Selected the Best Registered Agent

Our reviews are the result of work done by the LLC.SERVICES team, which includes several steps.  

North Dakota Registered Agent Search

We find all the options available on the web and compile a full list of services. It includes not only the major companies but also little-known ones.


We evaluate the user-friendliness of the website and the information/tools it contains.

Prices and Offers

Every provider wants to stand out with its prices and offers. Our job is to find the best ones, compare services, discounts, etc.

North Dakota Registered Agent Reviews

We check what people say about each service on social networks and rating sites. But that's not enough to form an objective opinion about any provider.

That's why we contact the support service and ask a lot of questions to check the quality of support and the competence of consultants.


When we have all the information, we can compare the facts and make certain conclusions.

Best Registered Agent

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In this review, we have compiled a list of 7 services that will be reliable partners as resident agents and can help with many business-related issues. We hope you will find our work useful!