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Last updated November 24, 2022
Written by Dmytro Kondratiev
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The process of forming a limited liability company involves the appointment of a registered agent. Thus, pursuant to Section 15 §109 of Pennsylvania law, each LLC or corporation must provide the name and address of its RA to the Secretary of State.

We want to make your Pennsylvania registered agent search easier. Therefore, we have prepared this review with the best RA services on the market. Read on to be informed and make the best choice for your business.

Registered Agent for an LLC in Pennsylvania

Technically, every business owner can act as their own registered agent. However, the experience of the old-timers proves that it's not the most reliable option. Here are a few examples to make it clearer:

  • Example #1. Urgent materials from the state come in, but, as a business owner, you can't handle the mail at the moment. This always leads to negative consequences;
  • Example #2. Your home is your LLC's office address, and you will receive all notifications and even lawsuits there. This may be very inconvenient.

Talking about the second example, there can be a situation when a court notice arrives in the presence of your clients. Or a registered agent for service of process pays you a visit. You will have to ask your clients to wait, which may negatively affect your business reputation.

By hiring an experienced RA agency, your LLC will always remain compliant and benefit in many other ways. Namely:

  • Your business documents will always remain in order;
  • You will not miss a single deadline or due date;
  • The amount of unsolicited mail will be reduced;
  • You will also get more privacy in terms of lawsuits and other legal documents. 

Moreover, you will not have to remain at the office during regular business hours. That said, any RA must be available at the office to accept and forward documents as they are delivered.

Keep in mind that a registered agent plays a key role in your business life cycle. Once appointed, the agent becomes a link between you and the state. Your RA will be responsible for receiving legal/tax correspondence, tax notifications, and legal mail.

Best Registered Agent Services Pennsylvania

Before we move on to the leading RA service providers, let's explore a few cities in Pennsylvania and see what they can offer.

Registered Agent in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania LLC is a provider that has been accredited by BBB and offers a tempting solution to its customers - set your own price for cooperation. The main office is located at 1150 First Avenue, Suite 511, King of Prussia, PA 19406 Montgomery.

Corporate Filing Solutions LLC is willing to offer great discounts for 2+ years of cooperation.

Thus, if you want the company to prepare and submit business filings for you or order the registered agent service, 1 year of the partnership will cost you $95/year, whereas 4 years are only $65/year. 

Registered Agent in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Penncorp Servicegroup, Inc offers wholesale discounts and unique offers to keep your entity in full compliance. Call (717) 234-2300 / (800) 544-9050 to contact the company or visit the main office at 600 N. 2nd Street, 4th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17101.

AAAgent Services LLC will provide affordable yet highly responsive registered agent services in the state. The main office is located at 125 Locust Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101. Phone: 717-232-5565.

National Registered Agents

Now let's see who can become your national registered agent today.

Northwest Registered Agent

Cost: $125 year

Northwest serves businesses across the United States and is considered one of the most reputable providers on the market.

Currently employing over 700 experts, the company can indeed offer a reliable registered agent for LLC in Pennsylvania, regardless of your business niche or industry.

Northwest Pros:

  • Price. You can sign a contract for 1 year for $125, and if you plan to get services in several states at the same time, there is a $25 discount;
  • Privacy. With Northwest, business owners can count on guaranteed confidentiality (Privacy by Default) with every service;
  • Scanning. Northwest is the only national RA company that will locally scan your business documents into your account;
  • Corporate Guides. With the Corporate Guides2® service, you will be able to consult your personal expert on every single aspect of your business;
  • Payment options. Get LLC formation services and choose your payment option (monthly or single payment). The service will cost $350 with an RA;
  • Customer support. It only takes a few minutes to place your order. However, if you still have questions, you can contact the support service team by phone;
  • Online platform. Northwest has made sure its website is a useful platform where you can research RA information, learn how to create your company, etc;
  • Reliability and reputation. Founded in 1998, the company has managed to help several million businesses before 2022.

Northwest Cons:

  • Complicated refunds. Despite what the company says about refunds, if their services are, for some reason, not suitable, getting a refund can be problematic.

Northwest Reviews

Over the past 20 years, Northwest has received plenty of Pennsylvania registered agent reviews. Most reputable sites have reviews of former clients of the company, and we really liked what we saw there.

Northwest is praised for professionalism and accuracy, as well as for keeping its promises. Moreover, BBB's (Better Business Bureau) "A-" rating indicates the company is operating in good faith and will resolve its customers' concerns.

Harbor Compliance Registered Agent

Cost: $99 per year

Since the company's foundation in 2012, Harbor Compliance has managed to help thousands of businesses.

The company is headquartered in the city of Lancaster, PA. You can contact the company at 1-888-995-5895 or visit the office at 1830 Colonial Village Lane, Lancaster, PA, 17601.

Harbor Compliance Pros:

  • Price. With Harbor Compliance, if you plan to subscribe for 2 years or more, you will get a 10% discount for your Pennsylvania registered agent;
  • Services. The RA package includes state forms, timely mail forwarding, annual report reminders, and online access to your registered office address;
  • Security. Once you hire a registered agent, you will have access to a cloud facility on the website where all your business documents will be stored;
  • Customer support. With Harbor Compliance, each client will get their own personal consultant who will guide them through the entire period of cooperation;
  • Online platform. The website provides educational material, e.g. comprehensive guides, in-depth reviews, case studies, and fascinating webinars.

Harbor Compliance Cons:

  • LLC formation cost. Harbor Compliance offers well-balanced LLC registration functions, but you'll have to pay $524 (including the $125 state fee).

Harbor Compliance Reviews

During our registered agent Pennsylvania search, we found that Harbor Compliance has many positive customer reviews and comments.

Clients mostly praise the service for its tolerance and comprehensive recommendations, as well as the invaluable support of registered agents. The company is also BBB-accredited and can boast of an "A+" ranking.

LegalZoom Registered Agent

Cost: $299 per year

LegalZoom is a year younger than Northwest, which means we have another old-timer on our list that boasts tremendous experience working with entrepreneurs.

Apart from forming an LLC, the company can help you with legal notices and critical mail, identity theft, and cloud storage. Moreover, the company can update your registered agent in Pennsylvania (If you're switching your RA).

LegalZoom Pros:

  • Experience. LegalZoom is a well-known brand that is trusted and believed by entrepreneurs in the United States and far beyond;
  • RA opportunities. No other provider will offer you a $1M identity theft insurance policy. When you buy an RA package from LegalZoom, you'll have this option;
  • Tools. Once you sign up, the provider will give you access to unlimited cloud storage, where all company documents will be stored, and a compliance calendar;
  • Support. Specialists of the company are knowledgeable professionals who are able to provide competent answers even to the most complicated questions;
  • Additions. The firm specializes in legal help in all areas of life. So if you have any questions about changes in state laws, LegalZoom can help.

LegalZoom Cons:

  • Prices. The cost of services at LegalZoom is somewhat inflated and does not justify itself. Most likely, clients are paying for the brand name, not the solution;
  • Support. If you want a response via email, you may have to wait for a week or so.

LegalZoom Reviews

The provider has been getting great recommendations from customers lately, but if you study the reviews a bit deeper, they may seem ambiguous. However, LegalZoom still has pretty good ratings overall. True, the service never received accreditation from the BBB.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Cost: $199 a year

Founded in 2015, ZenBusiness has a mission to help every American realize the dream of starting their own project. In addition to providing registered agent services in Pennsylvania, the company can also take care of your LLC formation documents.

ZenBusiness Pros:

  • Price. Considering the fact that you will get a 50% discount on the first year of cooperation, for the first 365 days, you can get the RA service for $99;
  • Smart AI. Ordering RA services can be done easily with artificial intelligence. After answering several questions, the system will offer the most suitable package for you;
  • Protection and reliability. You can be sure that the provider will not sell your personal data to a third party, maintaining the privacy of every client;
  • Support. ZenBusiness's support team offers exceptional service, as evidenced by numerous online reviews;
  • Online platform. The website navigation allows you to find the needed service in no time and has a large library of educational information in text and video tutorials.

ZenBusiness Cons:

  • RA is not included in some of the packages. At ZenBusiness, when ordering business formation, you will have to pay for the resident agent service separately;
  • The cost of additional services. Additional services include Expedited Filing ($50), Rush Filing ($100), and Annual Compliance ($119/year).

ZenBusiness Reviews:

Most clients are satisfied with the services of ZenBusiness, so you will find many positive reviews online praising the company's efficiency and reliability. ZenBusiness is also accredited by the BBB - the company has an "A" rating.

IncFile Registered Agent

Cost: $119 a year 

Pennsylvania registered agent services can be ordered on really beneficial terms if you sign a contract with IncFile. To always remain efficient for its clients, the provider has been using the most advanced technology to optimize the quality of its services.

Incfile Pros: 

  • Price. When choosing the Silver package, business owners will not have to pay anything but the state fee for the first year of usage;
  • Online platform. Incfile has a lot of useful information on how to form a company in Pennsylvania, maintain pass-through taxation, how a registered agent works, etc;
  • Add-ons. If you hire Incfile to help you form an LLC, you will also be able to consult with a tax expert;
  • Customer service. Until recently, the provider got mixed reviews. Lately, though, many customers have been praising Incfile's customer service support team.

Incfile Cons:

  • Return Policy. Incfile notifies that all customers have the right to cancel their orders, but they do not give clear info on how the canceling process actually goes.

Incfile Reviews

If you are conducting Pennsylvania business registered agent search operations based solely on online customer reviews, then you should definitely start cooperating with IncFile.

Excellent online reviews on a wide variety of review sites prove that this company is worth your investment. The only downside is that IncFile is not BBB accredited.

Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent

Cost: $149.99 per year

Despite the fact that Rocket Lawyer started to provide its services 14 years ago, it already has more than 20 million clients served.

The company offers professional assistance with legal paperwork when forming an LLC and is ready to be your registered agent in all 50 US states.

Rocket Lawyer Pros: 

  • Experience. Rocket Lawyer has proven to be a reliable partner in the industry and can rightly be called the best registered agent service Pennsylvania;
  • Premium service. If you become a Premium member, you will get 25% off the RA service, which costs $149.99 (for non-members);
  • 7-day trial. You can test the Premium package for free for the whole week. After the trial, the cost of the package will be $39.99/month;
  • Simplicity. Rocket Lawyer's online platform is really easy to use. Even novice users will be able to quickly find all the required information and place an order in no time;
  • Customer support. You can contact the support team via live chat, email, or by phone. Specialists are available to answer questions during regular business hours.

Rocket Lawyer Cons:

  • Pricing. The company does not provide free registered agent services for Premium members.

Rocket Lawyer Reviews

Based on customer reviews of the service, Rocket Lawyer's offers are worth considering. Users mainly talk about the ease of cooperation and professionalism of the company.

However, not much information can be found about the quality of the registered agent service.

InCorp Registered Agent

Cost: $129 per year

InCorp originally provided registered agents for service of process to businesses only in the state of Nevada. Today the company operates in all 50 US states and is mainly focused on LLC formation and registered agent services (since 2001).

InCorp Pros: 

  • Experience. InCorp is the same age as Northwest, so it has more than 20 years of experience;
  • Geographic reach. The company is not limited to 50 states - you can order the RA service in Puerto Rico or even on the Virgin Islands in the Atlantic Ocean;
  • Affordability. There are great discounts on longer periods as well. Thus, 5 years of cooperation with InCorp will cost you $87/year;
  • Knowledge base. On the website of the company, you'll find a lot of useful material, especially, if you plan to launch a new business;
  • Support. We talked to InCorp's support team by phone, and the answers we received were clear and comprehensive. 

InCorp Cons:

  • Online platform. In our opinion, InCorp's website could be better - some of the buttons are inconveniently located, and it's hard to find certain information at times.

InCorp Reviews

Not only has InCorp collected a lot of positive reviews from its clients, but has also received an "A+" rating from the BBB. Therefore, the provider can be safely recommended to businesses.

Registered Agent Review: General Conclusions

Our task was to find the best Pennsylvania registered agent service, and we have selected 7 options for you. Each of them has unique offers and solutions for businesses, and each has many positive online reviews.

For example, if you need ongoing legal assistance and professional advice from attorneys, along with quality RA services, then you should choose Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom.

ZenBusiness and Northwest are also ranked high on our list as they offer great prices and solutions to customers. These are the most popular providers on the market, who demonstrate excellent value for money.

For bulk purchases, Harbor Compliance and InCorp can be selected. These services offer great discounts for those who are ready to cooperate with the company for several years.

Benefits of Using a Pennsylvania Registered Agent Service

For every business owner in the state, it's important to find a Pennsylvania registered agent for service of process if they want to save themselves the hassle of performing the role on their own.

As a rule, by choosing a professional third-party service, the owner will get the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind. You won’t worry about missing an important event (tax deadlines or the annual report) as your RA will notify you in advance of an upcoming due date;
  • Privacy. If you hire an RA service, the latter will provide its registered agent's name and address, therefore, preserving your anonymity;
  • Reputation. The RA will receive all your business mail and accept the service of process and forward it directly to you.

Registered Agent Review: How We Choose the Best Registered Agent Services

We are an independent project with the goal to provide entrepreneurs with valuable information, tips, and insights on forming limited liability companies and make the process easier and safer for businesses.

Why you can trust our choice? Here are the main reasons:

  • We analyze. Every review on the website involves a complex research process, based on in-depth analysis and study. We never jump to conclusions;
  • We consult. Laws can change daily, so we involve professional lawyers and attorneys who help make our articles competent;
  • We are accurate. No milk and water or longreads about the same thing - only facts.

How We Choose the Best Registered Agent Service

We prefer to divide the process of selecting quality RA services into three stages as follows:

  • Conducting Pennsylvania registered agent search operations. There are dozens of agencies in Pennsylvania that provide RA services, and we have studied them;
  • Studying Pennsylvania registered agent reviews. We compare the experience, range of services, fees, and customer reviews of each provider;
  • Learning and creating reviews. Before writing recommendations and describing this or that service, we reach out to the support team via all possible channels.
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Pennsylvania Registered Agent Review: Conclusion

In this review, we’ve mentioned 7 statutory agent services with high ratings from reputable review sites and excellent customer feedback.

Optimal prices and functional service packages will be relevant not only for those who are looking for an RA in Pennsylvania but also for those who need quality legal or accounting support.

We hope you get what you're looking for!