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Last updated November 24, 2022
Written by Dmytro Kondratiev
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If you are planning to open a business in Tennessee, you will definitely need registered agent services in the state.

Tennessee law requires every legal entity, including corporations and LLCs, to maintain its own RA. You will need to choose one already at the stage of preparing your registration documents. Otherwise, your application will not be approved by the Secretary of State.

A registered agent (RA) is a representative who will:

  • Receive important correspondence, notices, and requests from state government and tax authorities on behalf of your company;
  • Accept service of process in case someone files a lawsuit against your company.

Best Registered Agent Service in Tennessee

Most Tennessee registered agent searches begin with understanding who can perform the functions of an RA. Under Tennessee law, a registered agent can be:

  • An individual over the age of 18 with a permanent registered address in the state;
  • A legal entity incorporated in Tennessee, which has an actual office address within the state.

If desired, owners or members of the LLC, as well as founders and shareholders of corporations, also have the right to act as registered agents for their companies. However, most experienced entrepreneurs prefer to hire a professional registered agent service.

The cost of professional Tennessee registered agent services ranges from $50 to $300 per year or higher. By hiring an RA from a top-notch service, you get a number of benefits as follows:

  • Reliability. Your RA will always remain in touch with you and the state;
  • Comfort. You'll have access to a convenient website and cloud-based document storage, as well as other useful extras;
  • Privacy. Your personal data won't be in the public domain. This also means that you will not have to personally filter out junk mail and answer spam calls;
  • Timely notifications. Your RA will make sure you get reminders about your due dates on annual reports and other important events on time. Moreover, you will always get your essential mail from the state with crucial business documents or notifications;
  • Flexibility. You can choose a registered agent located in your city or anywhere else in the state.

Registered Agent in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is Tennessee's capital and the most populous city in the state. Business life is booming here since the city is home to many large corporations and small businesses. This is where the state government and tax authorities are located. Therefore, a registered agent in this city is able to quickly send and receive all required business documents.

You can choose a registered agent in Nashville, Tennessee, by using the legal entity search on the official Secretary of State's website:

  • Select the "Businesses" category on the site;
  • Select "Search Businesses" on the new page;
  • Enter your city;
  • Enter the type of business (registered agent);
  • Explore the list of currently available registered agents.

Registered Agent in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is the second most populous city and major administrative center in Tennessee. It's also home to many companies that offer quality registered agent services.

Even today, some companies prefer to work with registered agents who are close to their own offices. However, with the development of information technology, the benefits of such a solution are questionable.

You can be anywhere, including outside of the United States, and still be able to register a business in Tennessee and get your RA. After that, you will receive all correspondence almost instantly by e-mail, fax, or via secure cloud storage.

We believe it's not the location of the office that matters, as long as it complies with state law, but the reliability and quality of the company's services. That's why we've selected the best options from available registered agent services in Tennessee to offer you our own ranking.

That said, let's get to the best RA services for hire in Tennessee.

Northwest Registered Agent

We believe Northwest is the best registered agent service that Tennessee has to offer. The provider combines the variety of necessary RA services for LLCs in Tennessee as required by state law. Northwest is perfect for large corporations as well. It offers a lot of really useful services to businesses at no extra cost.

The service is practical to use since it's based on a simple and user-friendly online platform. Northwest is rich with positive customer reviews and offers excellent customer support service and affordable RA services at $125/year, which is quite optimal if you consider the overall value of the service.

Northwest Pros:

  • Professional accountants, entrepreneurs, and lawyers;
  • Excellent customer support;
  • Personal Corporate Guides;
  • Simple and convenient website;
  • Minimized exposure of and access to customers' personal data (Privacy by Default);
  • More than 20 years of experience in the business services market;
  • Affordable and quality RA services ($125 annually);
  • Free registered agent services for one year (starts at $39);
  • A wide range of core services + additional standalone solutions for business development.

Northwest Cons:

  • Not the lowest fees on the market. If you only need basic registered agent services and nothing else, you can find a cheaper option;
  • Corporate Guides answer your questions in the most extensive way, which is not always a good thing, especially, for those who need a short answer.

Northwest Overall

Northwest provides all the necessary services required from a registered agent in Tennessee. You can expect a company mailing address for business purposes and the security of your data from third parties by default.

Northwest also provides assistance with business registration, e.g. filing of articles of organization and other important documents, DBA/trademark registration, annual report filings, mail forwarding services, free legal forms, certified copies, certificates of good standing, and other support a business may need.

On the website, you can also get access to a corporate calendar that will always remind you of your deadlines and other important due dates. Your business documents will be stored in cloud storage, and all correspondence will be scanned by the RA without any restrictions or surcharges.

We believe that when evaluating the quality and range of RA services at Northwest, the $125 annual fee can be the most advantageous of all similar offerings.

Harbor Compliance Registered Agent

Harbor Compliance is a simple and convenient service for those who are looking for basic RA services and nothing else. The annual registered agent fee of the company is $26 less than that of Northwest. Namely $89 to $99 per state.

Harbor Compliance Pros:

  • Simple online system;
  • Efficient service;
  • Affordability;
  • RA fee is $99;
  • Personal account manager.

Harbor Compliance Cons:

  • No help with business issues. Harbor Compliance's support service only answers questions related to registered agent services or technical problems encountered when using the website;
  • The company scans and uploads only important documents to the cloud repository, while Northwest scans all correspondence.

Harbor Compliance Overall

If it wasn't Northwest that tops our list of the best RA services, Harbor Compliance could have won the competition. After all, the company offers high-quality and affordable support, along with responsible account managers.

The quality of Tennessee registered agent services is unquestionable and fully complies with state requirements. If you need a reliable registered agent with no hassles (but also no additional services), Harbor Compliance can be your best choice.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent

ZenBusiness is a widely-recognized service that offers a variety of solutions related to business formation. This is where you can register a new company for only $49 (the Starter plan), which is a very good deal.

The website of the company is convenient and easy to use, and its customer service team includes professional consultants. Even if you choose the cheapest package, you can expect worry-free compliance services, free expense tracking and tax deduction tagging, quality support by phone or chat, and some other useful features.

ZenBusiness has excellent Tennessee registered agent reviews, which increases the level of trust in customers. Most satisfied clients of the company state that they are able to save time and money thanks to the experts at ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness Pros:

  • Affordable RA services at $99 per year and a strong pricing model;
  • Skillful formation experts who provide quality customer support during regular business hours;
  • Excellent customer feedback and thousands of positive online reviews;
  • Worry-free compliance. The company helps you track your state filings and remain compliant with the state.
  • Quick processing times. The company will help you quickly form an LLC;
  • Useful additional information and services (e.g. guides, tips, and tools to help you put together a professional online presence);
  • A quality website where you can track the progress of each step of your business formation;
  • If you form a business with ZenBusiness, you get a free annual report service;
  • 100% accuracy guarantee.

ZenBusiness Cons:

  • Registered agent services are not the main priority of the company;
  • No personalized customer support;
  • Pricey essential LLC services (e.g. obtaining an EIN); 
  • Customers receive only the legally required minimums as part of the registered agent service;
  • If you want access to calendar alerts, reporting assistance, and other useful services, these must be ordered separately for $50 per year.

ZenBusiness Overall

ZenBusiness' success as a prominent business formation and registered agent service provider in the United States is reasoned by its favorable offers to customers. Other reasons include the following aspects:

  • High-quality services; 
  • Affordable price plans;
  • Useful extra add-ons:
  • Quick turnaround times; 
  • Excellent customer feedback;
  • Tons of valuable guidance and information.

The cost of registered agent services is also a bargain - you only spend $99 annually. That's the cheapest price for basic RA services required under Tennessee law. If you need more, you will have to pay another $50 per year. As a result, the company loses out to Northwest Registered Agent.

LegalZoom Registered Agent

LegalZoom is another popular service that offers Tennessee registered agents for service of process, as well as support in business formation. The company works all over the United States, has vast experience in the industry, and boasts a high business reputation.

As part of its registered agent service, LegalZoom can offer you a wide range of solutions, from expert support with your business documents to reminders on your due dates. The company also offers a $1 million identity theft insurance feature, but registered agent services will cost you $299 per year here.

LegalZoom Pros:

  • The most extensive and well-known brand in the United States;
  • Highly professional specialists of the company possess in-depth knowledge of each state's laws;
  • Extremely high information security, with all confidential data insured for $1 million;
  • A wide range of legal services and solutions, which means the company can be a one-stop shop for all your business needs;
  • Ability to create a professional LLC (PLLC);
  • Excellent customer service and extended support contact hours;
  • Significant experience and a large number of positive client reviews.

LegalZoom Cons:

  • In addition to positive reviews, there are also many negative reviews. Some customers blame the company for the lack of transparency and hidden higher fees;
  • The registered agent service costs $299 per year, which is the most expensive offer in the market;
  • The RA service is not included in any of the business formation plans;
  • Registered agent service is not the company's core business;
  • Slow processing time. The quality of customer support is great, however, the response rate is not always top-notch.

LegalZoom Overall

LegalZoom is a very popular brand in the business formation sector in the United States. Cooperating with the service increases the level of trust and reputation of your company. And the quality of services belongs to the premium class.

If the level of service, safety, and reputation are more important to you than slightly overpriced services, LegalZoom is likely to be the right registered agent for you.

Plus, the company will take care of your data security ($1 million identity theft protection and credit monitoring) and make sure all your business documents are protected and organized (unlimited cloud storage). You will also get access to a compliance calendar with your upcoming due dates and deadlines to not miss a single event.

Rapid Registered Agent

Rapid Registered Agent is a registered agent service that operates throughout all 50 US states, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. The service offers all customers access to a wide range of business services, including those bundled into convenient service plans.

As for the registered agent service, Rapid has proven to be a reliable partner that offers its RA services at a bargain price of $100 per year.

Rapid Pros:

  • Stable service fees, which have not changed for many years in a row;
  • No hidden fees;
  • No imposed add-ons or upsells;
  • No charges for receiving faxed documents;
  • Ready-made templates of business forms for fast generation of reports and other important documents;
  • A large library of useful tips and recommendations for businesses in various spheres;
  • The cost of the registered agent service is only $100 per year;
  • The company operates throughout the United States.

Rapid Cons:

  • Lack of experience. The company has been operating since 2007, which meant it's rather young, Thus, there are very few client reviews on its services, which lowers Rapid's position in our ranking.

Rapid Overall

A wide selection of services and attractive prices only evoke positive emotions about Rapid. It's also great to know that the company does not charge extra for sending documents by fax, in contrast to many competitors. Rapid provides access to convenient templates for the instant generation of reports.

Customer support does not stand out from the competition that much, however, there are no problems with the efficiency and responsiveness of the support team.

The only disadvantage is the small number of online customer reviews. If that's not a problem for you, the service provider can become your perfect choice.

Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent

In addition to registered agent services in Tennessee, Rocket Lawyer offers legal support at attractive prices. You want to pay special attention to this provider if you are looking for long-term cooperation with the main focus on legal services.

Rocket Lawyer has been in the game since 2008. Over the years, the company has helped more than 800,000 companies start businesses. Rocket Lawyer's experts will help you form an LLC or a corporation, file a DBA or trademark, prepare an Operating Agreement or Articles of Organization, etc. Most importantly, the company will do everything to help you remain compliant with the rules and regulations of your chosen state. 

Rocket Lawyer Pros:

  • Professional experts who provide assistance in legal matters and business formation services;
  • Hundreds of positive reviews and high ratings on independent review sites;
  • Quality assistance in setting up a business;
  • Subscription to various affordable and useful legal packages;
  • One year of free RA services with the purchase of a "Premium" package.

Rocket Lawyer Cons:

  • Only the most expensive "Premium" package includes a free year of registered agent services. In other cases, extra payment is required;
  • The cost of a registered agent is $149.99 per year.

Rocket Lawyer Overall

The cost of the registered agent service is a little steep compared to competitors. So if you only need an RA and nothing else, it's worth investigating competitors.

On the other hand, if you also need regular legal services, be sure to study the comprehensive offers. Because in this case, you'll get a nice discount on a Tennessee registered agent. Thus, if you order the Premium package, you will get one year of registered agent services for free, and then you get a 25% discount off the standard price. In this case, the cost of registered agent services becomes quite competitive. Plus, you pay for a wide range of services in one place and get a comprehensive service, which is also convenient.

SunDoc Filings Registered Agent

SunDoc Filings is another company that focuses on helping businesses form and run a company, supporting your existing business, and providing quality registered agent support.

The company will provide an RA for your business, who will timely receive, scan, and forward your business documents. You can also always get help and quality support on a variety of business issues and order additional services (e.g. reserve a business name, get your Tax ID/EIN or a business license, get access to corporate or LLC kits, etc.).

On the official website of the company, you can find useful guides, recommendations, and FAQs on various business-related matters (e.g. formation issues, annual filing requirements, DBA filings, reviving a business, etc.).

SunDoc Filings Pros:

  • The company is a national registered agent, operating in all U.S. states. 
  • If you order services in several states at the same time (or for several LLCs), you will be offered a great discount;
  • A wide range of services: a lot of useful add-ons, directories, and information;
  • Conscientious level of service.

SunDoc Filings Cons:

  • The company offers Tennessee registered agent services at an unreasonably high price of $159 per year.

SunDoc Filings Overall

SunDoc Filings works in accordance with state laws and offers a range of useful services such as:

  • Tennessee RA mailing address;
  • Mail forwarding service; 
  • Scanning of all documents;
  • Cloud storage and notifications of upcoming important events.

The quality of the service is high, and the fees are quite average. If you have already conducted your Tennessee registered agent search or studied other companies' ratings, SunDoc Filings can become your reliable business partner.

Registered Agent Review: Conclusion

There are two essential steps that you must follow before registering a new business: getting a name for your company that complies with state laws and conducting a registered agent Tennessee search.

You want to choose your registered agent carefully because your business reputation largely depends on this individual/entity. Thus, if the agent fails to accept the service of process in a timely manner, you will not be aware of a lawsuit filed against your company. Consequently, you will miss the court hearing and most likely lose the case.

If state officials are unable to contact your registered agent, you will not only suffer rehearing losses but also risk losing your business altogether, as your company registration will be canceled by an administrative decision.

We recommend Northwest for cooperation. Our experts firmly believe that choosing this company meets the criteria of the best Tennessee registered agent. We've done extensive research, and it's not the first time Northwest has been ranked as a top Tennessee registered agent.

The company offers the following benefits to businesses:

  • Optimal cost/value ratio;
  • High reliability and convenient service;
  • Personal Corporate Guides;
  • High professionalism of employees.

On the other hand, you may also have specific business needs. For example, at the initial stage of business formation, entrepreneurs will often turn to Harbor Compliance or ZenBusiness. This is where you can find the necessary support at bargain prices.

If you're looking for cooperation on legal matters on a sustained basis, consider Rocket Lawyer. And if, on top of that, reputation and premium service are essential to you, consider contacting LegalZoom. Many Tennessee corporations searching for a registered agent choose this company due to its experience in the market.

Unfortunately, not a single local company made it to the top of our list, since most of them either have hidden fees or lack an established reputation. We do not consider companies with no references or less than 5 years of experience.

We also remind you that you have the right to update your Tennessee registered agent at any time. To do this, you will need to:

  • Sign a contract with your new Tennessee registered agent;
  • Inform your former RA of the change;
  • Complete and file a Change of Registered Agent form with the Tennessee Department of State, Division of Business Services;
  • Pay the application fee ($20);
  • Submit your application in any way you like (through the website, by email, or by regular mail).

Benefits of Using a Tennessee Registered Agent Service

It's not uncommon for aspiring business owners to save money on registered agent services in Tennessee. Thus, they decide to be their own RA or appoint an employee for the role.

In this case, substantial savings will not work, as the services of a registered agent cost $99 per year, which is rather affordable. On the other hand, a person with no experience in this area will only be able to receive and transmit business documents, without providing any additional support.

That said, a registered agent is required to be available at the indicated office address during all working hours (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) without interruption. Anyone can fall ill, may need to leave urgently, or go on vacation. However, if during this period, important correspondence arrives, you'll be in a lot more trouble.

That's why experienced entrepreneurs, after realizing all the inconveniences of being your own registered agent, prefer to conduct a Tennessee registered agent search among professional companies.

When you choose to hire a reliable commercial partner as your RA, you get:

  • Awareness. You'll always be aware of important documents that are coming in. Also, many RA services will timely remind you to send your annual reports, renew your business licenses, etc.
  • Confidentiality. Your registered agent's contact details will be in the public domain. If you choose to act as your own RA, your name, address, and phone number will appear on the Secretary of State's website. A professional company will put its address on documents instead of yours. Such companies will also be able to submit a form on your behalf with minimal personal information from your side; 
  • No spam. An efficient registered agent service will sort out your business emails and get rid of unwanted offers or spam;
  • Flexible schedule. Your commercial registered agent will be available during all working hours instead of you or your employees. This will relieve you from constant control of your work schedule and stress.
  • Preserved image. If you or your friend is acting as a registered agent for the company, there can be an embarrassing situation when you will have to postpone an important business meeting with your clients to accept service of process.

Best Registered Agent Review: How We Choose RA Services

To find the best Tennessee registered agent services, we assembled a list of more than 60 different companies. For this, we used the following tools:

  • Google search;
  • Review sites;
  • Social media ads;
  • Other promotional materials;
  • Our previously collected data about companies.

In our analysis, we pay special attention to the following aspects:

  • Customer feedback. People leave their wishes and gratitude or share negative experiences about the service purchased. We study unbiased comments, social media posts, reviews on independent websites and their ratings, and other independent resources;
  • Website quality. Everyone knows that today a website is the main tool and business card of any company. Your online platform must be user-friendly and appealing in every way to your visitors. Thus, make sure the website has all the necessary tools and information about your services/products, easy navigation, clear pricing, quick checkout process, engaging content, simple and convenient feedback forms, and quick access to your contact details;
  • Customer support and sales department. Communication with customer support and sales department services is an integral part of our qualification check. Our specialists evaluate the speed and quality of response, availability of convenient communication channels, extended working hours (if any), and overall competence of employees;
  • Hidden charges. If we find out that the cost of RA services in the advertising of the company is $50 and then it turns out that this amount includes much less than what a business requires for normal operation, we consider such an offer a fraud.

For example, some business formation companies will limit the number of scanned documents to such a minimum, which you are likely to exhaust in 2 or 3 months. And then you will have to pay extra to continue using the service. We don't consider such services any further. The same goes for compulsive resales and hidden fees.

Why You Can Trust Our Choice

We specialize in ratings of companies offering business formation services. We analyze offers for business registration, registered agent services, and other types of business and legal support.

Our experts are constantly monitoring:

  • New offers on the market;
  • Changes in service ranges and price plans of well-known RA services;
  • Quality of customer support service;
  • Level of customer satisfaction across the U.S.;
  • Compliance with state laws (e.g. reaction rates to changes in legislation), etc.

This way we are able to determine the quality of services of different companies and generate unbiased ratings.

How We Selected the Best Registered Agent

The selection of candidates for this review began with an extensive list of more than 60 companies. During our research, RA companies were given certain points for each parameter, resulting in the 7 leaders described above.

In this review, Northwest Registered Agent is a clear winner. However, as always, we suggest you examine the pros and cons of each company and make your own choice. 

Remember that you can "renew" your registered agent on the Tennessee Secretary of State's website by submitting the necessary form and paying a $20 fee. Note that making bad choices will definitely lead to bad consequences. So choose wisely.

Best Registered Agent

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To summarize, we'd like to remind you that choosing a registered agent in Tennessee is a must for any legal entity, including an LLC or corporation. Without it, you will not be able to register a business.

It's extremely important to choose a registered agent carefully. The smoothness of your business operations depends directly on the reliability of your RA. The latter must always remain at the office to receive notifications from the state and notify you of all documents/events related to your company. 

Otherwise, you risk suffering losses from lost cases in court and in the worst case, receiving a negative administrative decision on your business registration from the Secretary of State. Thus, to avoid disastrous consequences, your RA must be responsible and competent.

That said, it's much more reliable and profitable to work with commercial RA companies. The cost of their services is often quite reasonable, especially, if you consider the range and reliability aspects.