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Last updated February 17, 2023
Written by Dmytro Kondratiev
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Vermont best registered agent

Plan to initiate a business in Vermont under the roof of an LLC or a corporation? If so, you need to think about designating a registered agent in this state.

By processing your correspondence, an RA will work to protect and maintain your company’s good standing with the state and help you timely keep up with your state filing requirements.

A registered (statutory, resident) agent (RA) in Vermont is:

  • A representative that will handle your company's legal mail on your behalf;
  • A solid point of contact between your company and local or federal government, state agencies, and public organizations;
  • Your entity’s official assignee who will receive the service of process, accept any notes and letters from the court and judicial authorities, and notify you about them.

Appointing a Registered Agent for LLC in Vermont

There are a few simple steps to take to designate an agent for your Vermont LLC or corporation:

  1. Find a representative and make sure it suits your need;
  2. Get a registered agent consent form signed in Vermont to prove that your chosen rep agrees to handle this function;
  3. Enter the agent’s data into your LLC statute or Articles of Association and attach the consent form before filing;
  4. File your formation documents with the Vermont Secretary of State to legalize your RA in this role.

Vermont Registered Agent Search: Who Can Be Your Rep

RA rules in Vermont, as well as in other states, are fairly simple and set no severe restrictions. So, you Vermont RA could be:

  • An adult person over 18 years of age with a registered street address in Vermont;
  • A legal entity registered and entitled to run business in the chosen jurisdiction.

There are no limitations on educational and professional backgrounds. The only rule of thumb for an RA is a permanent presence at the registered address during business hours to receive official mail, which is delivered during normal working time.

With that, the most common options entrepreneurs select are:

  • Family members or friends;
  • Colleagues or partners;
  • Their business accountants, attorneys, tax consultants;
  • Serving their own representative agents;
  • Commercial services. 

Best Vermont Registered Agent Services: Your Options

To save you the trouble of searching high and low for your RA, we’ve already sorted out the best options by investigating the market and estimating the providers by the scope of service, pricing strategy, user-friendliness, and quality of customer support.

By and large, your choice will fall between:

  • Local providers: Entities operating within Vermont jurisdiction that are backed by strong knowledge of local regulations and usually offer affordable pricing;
  • National operators: These are bigger companies maintaining a nationwide network of representative offices allowing you to have the same RA partner for multiple states.

Our Local Suggestions for RA Services in Vermont

Finding a reliable local agent is not an easy task if you want the agent’s job to be done with diligence and due attention. We have two options for you here that offer different approaches.

Registered Agent in Shelburne, VT

If you seek a company located in Vermont and serving within the state jurisdiction that won’t bump up your starting business costs, that’s it.

Sitting in Shelburne, Vermont Registered Agent LLC will cater to your RA needs across the state. What you’ll get with its RA subscription is:

  • 365 days of RA service at $49, with no hidden or added fees;
  • Instant access to a secure personal online account;
  • Same-day document scans to keep you updated on all urgent messages and essential info;
  • Auto reminders to catch up with annual reporting;
  • Compliance tools to track your filing requirements;
  • A bunch of pre-filled state forms to cut down the need to look for them on multiple websites;
  • Helpful filing instructions that will make your formation journey in Vermont less of a hassle.

If you haven’t registered your LLC in Vermont yet and need business formation assistance along with RA service, this provider also has a full-scale formation pack covering a state filing fee, annual RA subscription, formation docs, and bylaws at $274, which is a highly competitive price we must admit.

Registered Agent in Montpelier, VT

An alternative to an RA service company in Vermont is a professional lawyer’s bureau that provides mail-handling services along with a whole range of real estate services including:

  • Buying and sending property;
  • Estimating real estate;
  • Property taxes and insurance;
  • Property lending and refinancing;
  • Property loans, mortgage deeds;
  • Getting tax and local permits.

Operating as an RA office since 1990, Lawyer Title and Closing is a reliable local firm backed by a strong professional reputation and business image.

The company will ensure a trusted registered address and handle your crucial mail with due diligence. They will promptly forward important letters and forms to you by email, regular, or even courier mail if you urgently need the hard copies.

Should you plan to start a real estate LLC in Vermont, this provider will get you covered with its comprehensive formation instructions and valuable experience in real estate transactions and property law.

Top 4 National RA Operators in Vermont

Most RA service providers are national companies that operate in all states. They really come in numbers, and for a beginner, it’s hard to figure out the best service at a glance. To ease your choice, we’ve selected four services we consider to be the best alternatives as of today.

1. Northwest Registered Agent ($125): Best Overall

You’ll spot Northwest among the top-liners in many ratings, and we give it a top position as well. This provider smartly combines premium RA service with high-class formation and incorporation services. 

Initially established as a dedicated agent service, Northwest is a true expert in this area and offers a complete service pack that fully justifies a bit higher price tag. What you’ll get with the Northwest RA is:

  • A securely protected digital account with permanent access to your documents and forms;
  • Same-day document scanning for immediate availability;
  • Free mail forwarding if you need hard copies;
  • Filing reminders and a customizable compliance calendar;
  • Ultimate privacy protection that will keep scammers and hackers at bay;
  • Excellent customer service with access to Corporate Guides, which are local specialists.

Northwest Pluses:

  • Internal agent team: Northwest has in-house registered offices in each of the 50 US states and doesn’t outsource its services to third parties;
  • User-friendly online platform: You’ll enjoy an easy-to-navigate website with a speedy and simple signup process, a comprehensive directory, and free legal forms;
  • Exclusive customer support: Along with a team of professional help reps, Northwest has a group of Corporate Guides. These are local experts scattered across the states you can consult with on different business issues;
  • Smart formation pricing: Northwest comes up with a $39 formation pack that covers not only the filing service but also an annual RA subscription.

 Northwest Minuses:

  • Higher than average RA cost: Northwest is not the most affordable provider out there with RA service rate exceeding the market average. Yet, the service quality they deliver is well worth the price;
  • Advanced customer support is too much at times: Northwest help reps always seek the best solution, no matter the problem you have. They strive to get to the gist while sometimes, you might simply need a simple and quick answer.


Hitting a sweet spot between premium and budget providers, Northwest boasts excellent service quality and customer support. If you search for presumably the best formation and RA service overall, look no further.

2. InCorp ($129, bulk discounts): Top-of-the-line Agent Service

InCorp is not a habitue in the top service ratings. However, when it comes to the best registered agent service Vermont, this provider is deservedly among the leaders. Started as an RA service, InCorp still has it as a core activity.

InCorp’s agent service embraces all the features you expect from a premium provider such as:

  • Immediate document scans;
  • Compliance tools;
  • Quick document forwarding;
  • Diligent customer support.

InCorp Pluses

The company has a few unique features that put its RA service above the competition:

  • Entity Watch technology: Accessible via your InCorp online dashboard, this feature will ensure your online data security and enable you to track your entity’s compliance status by constantly monitoring public databases;
  • Entity Management software: It’s yet another online tool allowing you to store your online docs well-organizes and work out your individual compliance calendar;
  • Personalized customer service: InCorp strives to provide each customer with the best support ever by assigning a personal help rep that will be aware of all your problems and issues and get in contact with you when you need help;
  • Valuable discounts: InCorp offers very attractive volume discounts for customers who seek a long-term RA partner. Thus, subject to a 5-year subscription, the annual fee will drop to $87. Multi-state customers will also enjoy lower prices;
  • Formation service flexibility: Unlike many other formation services, InCorp has a single baseline pack and a list of one-time services giving you an opportunity to create a service set tailored to your individual need.

InCorp Minuses:

  • Lack of recognizability: InCorp is not as popular as the industry top-liners and widely advertised services. As a result, it’s less known to customers and has a lower brand power;
  • Higher formation costs: While the company does offer a flexible approach here, its single formation pack at $99 is quite expensive. And by adding other services, you’ll further increase the final cost.


Obviously enough, InCorp has a stronger focus on the RA service and somewhat lags in formation assistance. With that, it’s a discount Vermont registered agent for service of process provider that offers premium service quality ideal for existing LLCs.

3. ZenBusiness ($99): Budget Pick

There has been much buzz around ZenBusiness recently. Despite a shorter track record as compared to other market players, the company has managed to create a strong business image and gain impressive popularity.

Feature-rich agent service from ZenBusines is by far the most affordable in the industry. At $99, it’s nearly 30% lower in price than competitor services. More than that, the provider is a budget-friendly option overall since its entry-level formation pack at $49 covers:

  • Statute filing;
  • Annual agent service subscription;
  • Customized Operating Agreement. 

Along with premium RA features that most decent agent services provide, ZenBusiness comes up with a Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee that embraces:

  • Annual report reminders;
  • Paper filings (you’ll be charged filing fees if any);
  • Two free filing amendments annually;
  • Reimbursement of reinstatement costs if your business’s compliance is pierced due to missed filings.

ZenBusiness Pluses:

  • High customer rating: ZenBusiness boasts a wealth of customer reviews (over 10,000) and most of them are positive comments praising service quality, affordable pricing, and great customer support;
  • Ease of use: One of the ZenBuisness values is a focus on advanced technology. Their online platform ensures the ultimate convenience. Thus, signing up will be a doddle even if you’ve never used this type of service before;
  • Solid customer support: ZenBusiness employs an in-house team of trained help reps accessible via email, phone, or live chat. They are knowledgeable and always ready to help. Besides, the support service offers extended working hours (8 a.m to 8 p.m).

ZenBusiness Minuses:

  • Annoying RA signup process: Though signup is easy, it will take you through a set of questions before you register, which might feel a bit offputting;
  • Hidden fees: To find out the RA service price, you’ll have to start a signup process. The price is not displayed on the front page. What’s more, the compliance guarantee is a payable add-on that costs $50.


ZenBusiness is a great deal for those who seek to start an LLC at an affordable price and get the most for the money. That said, ZenBusiness complete RA service stands at a higher end of the price range.

4. LegalZoom ($299): Powerful Brand

LegalZoom is backed by recognition and impressive brand power. With decades of expertise behind its back, the company is an expert in everything they do. Their RA service is expensive, yet, you’ll get a lot:

  • Simple and secure online access;
  • Instant document scans;
  • Excellent customer support;
  • $1,000.000 identity theft protection demonstrating the provider’s care for your privacy and online security;
  • Unlimited document storage enabling you to create your personal online document depot and safely save digital versions of all your business papers in one place.

LegalZoom Pluses:

  • Long track record: Being in the formation and RA service business for decades, LegalZoom is a reliable and professional service you can trust;
  • High brand awareness: The company’s popularity walks ahead of it. So, many customers choose this service for its brand power and professional experience;
  • Impressive customer feedback: LegalZoom is supported not only by an outstanding track record but also by outstanding customer feedback showing high customer satisfaction level.  

LegalZoom Minuses:

  • Far too expensive rates: LegalZoom is expensive. Its RA rate of $299 is arguably the highest in the industry and its starter formation pack at $79 is also far from being affordable;
  • Automatic subscription renewal: Unless you cancel the agent subscription in advance, it will be renewed for the next year automatically, with an annual fee being non-refundable.


LegalZoom is a premium service that is not for every pocketbook. Yet, if you have some extra coins to pay for the brand power, you’ll get high-quality service and complete peace of mind.

Vermont Registered Agent Reviews: Quick Conclusions

To cut a long story short in our VT business registered agent search, our best choice is Northwest, which is ranked high under all estimation criteria and hits a perfect balance of price and service quality and scope.

InCorp breathes down the Northwest neck, yet, it’s a runner-up due to being weaker in business formation services.

5 Reasons to Hire One of Registered Agent Services Vermont

Do you think about serving as an RA for your Vermont LLC on your own to save on the running costs? Consider delegating the agent job to one of the dedicated services that will handle the job professionally. 

Here are the main reasons for you to stay with an agent service:

  • Personal privacy: It’s your Vermont RA data that will appear in public records as required by law while your individual info will be kept private;
  • Credibility: You’ll achieve the ultimate peace of mind about your crucial correspondence being handled by professionals. In the meantime, you’ll be free to focus your time and effort on the ongoing business issues;
  • Efficient time management: You won’t be bound to your office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on workdays and will get the opportunity to schedule your business hours as you deem necessary;
  • Compliance guarantee: The prime function of your VT agent is to keep an eye on your crucial mail including state requests, notes, and service of process, thus helping your company stay on top of its compulsory compliance requirements;
  • Wide availability: Bigger companies provide services throughout the US and can match your RA needs not only in Vermont but in any other state you decide to expand your activity to.

Best Vermont Registered Agent: Our Selection Strategy

To finalize our article, we’ll explain how we select “candidates” for our list so that you understand what stands behind our choice and what brings us to the conclusions we make.

To cut down the number of market offerings to a few options, we stick to a thorough selection process.

Checking Online Reviews

While you might feel bored of reading dozens and hundreds of customer comments online, we dig deep into this and devote enough time to looking through customer feedback on such popular websites as:

  • Better Business Bureau;
  • Consumer Affairs;
  • Yelp;
  • Google Business;
  • Trustpilot.

This is where you can find true-to-life info about how a certain agent service performs and if it is as advertised.

Scrutinizing Provider Website

Once we create a prime list of providers to consider, we proceed to analyze their websites to check their service menus, prices, any added products they deliver, and company info.

Getting In Touch with Real Customers

Talking to former service users directly allows revealing any issues, problems, and even minor drawbacks providers seek to hide. Besides, we can learn if the company delivers on its promises overall.

Consulting with Provider Sales Reps

Contacting the provider sales department is important to see how they represent the company and services. The way they treat potential customers says a lot about the quality of their service and customer support.

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